Seoul, South Korea
November 20 – 27, 2017
Because I failed to finish my Taiwan 2017 blog posts before my Korea Trip (that’s after ELEVEN MONTHS by the way, haha I hate myself), I decided not to do a daily post for Korea and just make an entry per ~tourist spot~ instead.  It’s easier to organize pictures that way and I wouldn’t have to worry about the itinerary for the whole day and focus on just one place.  No pressure.  Heee.
Marvin was supposed to come with me but something came up and one of my cousins got pregnant so in the end, it’s just me, Ate Ria, and Rica 😛

We booked the tour last May (if you’re curious, we got it on sale, around Php 4,500 for a two-way trip) so it’s a bit too early to know the weather.  Usually it’s Autumn in November, but what happened was early winter.  Days before the trip, one of my twitter mutuals complained because winter came early and temperature dropped to around 8 degrees.  She lives in Japan but I thought it was colder there.  But sadly, I was wrong 🙁 That time, the temperature already dropped to less than 5 degrees in Korea. Uh oh.

These pictures were taken just a day apart.  If I remember correctly, the warmest temperature when we were there was 7C, lowest was -5C. Coming from a tropical country, I know I will not be used to the cold weather but I didn’t expect it to be *that* cold.  I prepared a lot of warm clothes and even invested on thermal underwear because my body couldn’t adjust to extreme temperatures but I was still shivering from the cold the whole time we were in Korea.
I got rashes all over my legs and hands as well!  There are still traces of it until now as I type this, huhu.  I’m not sure if it’s because of the weather or because of the material of the heattech I wore during our seven-day stay.  I’m a hundred percent sure I’m not allergic to any food, though.  So yup… it must be the cold.

That’s me in a Hanbok!

Snooow! Can’t wait to blog about my first snow experience, too!

There were still some orange-y leaves left but there were traces of snow on the road going to N Seoul Tower.  It’s so pretty! Pictures could never justify how beautiful Korea is.  It’s like… it can’t decide whether it’s still Autumn or Winter already.  I love it so much.

I’ve been dreaming of visiting South Korea during Autumn even before I got into KPop and Korean Dramas.  Experiencing snow is one of the few things I have on my bucket list, too.  Little did I know I was going to experience both this 2017, and in one of the places I’ve always wanted to visit.  To summarize, it was magical.  Now that I have seen both seasons with my own eyes, I am beyond thrilled for my trips in the near future.

Who would have known that someone like me, a self-confessed anti-social and homebody, dreams of traveling the world? 🙂

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