August 24, 2022

I’ve always loved traveling but I COULDN’T WAIT to go home.  So much has happened in my personal life (a certain someone still has not replied) that I just want to leave.  Also, as much as I enjoyed the company of my work friends, I felt like there was nothing to see here 🙁 I didn’t enjoy the food that much (except when we ate at CHINESE and KOREAN restaurants!!!) and I’m not even sure if there was more to it.  I heard Australia’s popular for their steak but when we ate some on the second day, it was so dry and meh.  Almost all establishments are closed by 9pm, too.  Don’t get me started on why I don’t enjoy group (bus) tours.  Either me or my friends always made our itineraries since 2016 so idk… Group tours are generally more exhausting and not worth the money, in my opinion.

While I am very thankful for this opportunity, it made me wonder if this trip would be better if we had more free time?  Four days are not enough AT ALL, and that includes the eight-hour travel one-way.  I feel like I need months to recover from this especially after not being travel for three years!

We ate breakfast around 8am and had to checkout early.  I still have almost zero sleep the past three nights so I was unbelievably tired.

Last photo before checkout! Surprisingly, my super heavy luggage is only 8kg??? And baggage allowance is 20kg.  I should’ve shopped more! Haha.

Anyway, got to the airport early to check-in.  So amazed by the technology there but immigration line was so long.  LOL, this one I did not miss in the Philippines.  Haha. Went around for a bit and tried to buy some more pasalubong but it’s so expensive! I didn’t plan on buying souvenirs for other people aside from my family and Ate Gemma anyway.

Saw Grey Goose and Bombay Sapphire all over Duty Free and OMG my heart hurt :”) I guess I already know but still in denial back then.  I still have the sample sizes with me here and nope, haven’t tried both yet! Haha.

There’s also a book store nearby and I WAS SO TEMPTED to buy books with pretty covers.  This section screams very me lol.  I’ve started Love Deception (dropped it for a reason I don’t remember), finished It Happened One Summer, The Love Hypothesis, and Beach Read from this selection of books.

Boarded the plane around lunch time.  Sadly I wasn’t in the aisle seat so it’s harder to sleep, especially when you got woken up by meals every other hour.  I tried not to drink so much so I don’t have to pee  but I wanted to try the plane toilet at least once HAHA.  Instant regret! :))

Arrived safely in Manila by evening, super tired but happy since I missed my officemates a lot.  We didn’t even see each other in the office yet so most of these people, I haven’t seen in two years but got to hang out with in Australia.  Sosyal. Haha.


It’s 2023 and I haven’t even touched the Australia vlog but I will try to post it before August, LOL.  So yep, overall fun BUT SUPER SUPER TIRING experience!

Where to, next? 🙂

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