August 23, 2022

Third day of the trip and I’m already exhausted.  I just drank a glass of beer last night but I haven’t had any sleep. I just want to stay in this room, please.  If only the trip got extended, I wouldn’t force myself to go out.  Haha.

We had breakfast at the hotel and Nicole asked for the cute barista’s snapchat account. He looks straight out of an anime, with the black messy hair, small face, and really nice eyes.  I couldn’t really tell how he looks like because he had a mask on.  Later on, we found out that he’s NINETEEN years old and a university student.  Lol, we’re now snapchat contacts too and he felt like my kid, hahahaha.  No intentions of flirting with him at all, that would be too creepy.  Hahaha.

Anyway, for some reason, Nicole and I had an upset stomach??? Not sure what we ate and drank the night before but it was a weird experience for sure.  Haha.  So we ended up going out later than our friends and walked all the way to Queen Victoria Building by ourselves.

Not even sure if this is supposed to be a tourist spot but it’s one of my favorites! I had it on video and it’s magical, with Harry Potter vibes.  Haha.

We arrived at the shopping center and saw a wishing well, so OF COURSE, we had to try it too.  Our friends already went inside the mall and wanted to try shopping somewhere else so we had a bit of free time and strolled around.

I met with Cherith before lunch since her school’s near the area! LOL. I missed her! 😀 I introduced her to my friends and we were supposed to go out but it’s kinda late and travel time is pretty tight.  We ended up just eating lunch separately (Marion, Che, and I got sushi and the others ate Burger King LOL).

We also went to a souvenir shop to buy some pasalubong and I couldn’t help but remember K because I’m a clown!!!

Why are all my friends tall? 🙁

The whole place had beanies all around and I just miss him and he won’t even respond to my texts and calls.  LOL I’m in another country and I can’t help but feel bad about all of it.

My friends continued to buy souvenirs and I think some of them went back to the hotel while Cherith and I had coffee at Toast Box and asked her to go with me to St. Mary’s Cathedral instead.  I wasn’t able to go after Bondi Beach because I asked to be left behind and sleep inside the bus.  I was so tired then.

We rode the train and I was surprised you can use your credit card directly??? You didn’t have to buy a train ticket or anything??? That is so convenient!

The trains looked kinda old, though.  It wasn’t the cleanest place too.  It was raining so hard that afternoon so we had to amuse ourselves and looked for pretty boys, hahahaha.  We found one who’s super tall and will definitely fit Cherith’s wattpad love storyline, haha.

We arrived at the Cathedral and it was still raining so much, we were soaked even with the umbrella.  But I really want to go and I’ve heard you can make a wish when you first step into a church for the first time.  So I prayed really, really hard.

The whole place is so beautiful! We actually got scolded a bit because we didn’t see the sign where it isn’t allowed to take photos and videos in a certain area, so sorry.  I think it was a priest?  But the sign isn’t really that readable and I thought tourists go here to take pictures also.  Oops.

But it was really breathtaking.  My mom would love this for sure.

Kinda obvious what I prayed for, haha.  That’s what I’ve been praying for since I arrived in Sydney but God hasn’t answered my prayers yet.

After church, we’re supposed to eat at a restaurant with soup but couldn’t find any.  We went back to the mall, ate McDonald’s and went home.  It’s still raining and Cherith had to commute for two hours to go back home.  We rode the TRAM (first time!) and walked back to the hotel.  I appreciate how she made time for me despite her really busy schedule!  I didn’t tell all my other relatives and friends that I’ll be going to Sydney except for Che because of the time constraints.

I’m just glad we were able to meet and I got to spend my free time with her.  My officemates went to the cruise and I didn’t.  I got really dizzy when we had lunch there the other day and I don’t want to feel sick the day before our flight back home.

Marion went out to drink with some friends and they invited me to their house (one housemate is cute, btw HAHA) but since I am soaked, I went to shower right away, changed to my pajamas, and fell asleep.  I was too tired and sleepy to go out again.  I saw the posts in the cruise as well and got jealous a bit, but my body gave up already.  Hahaha.

This was probably the most tiring trip I’ve experienced in my life so far.  LOL.


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