Oh hello, I’m Marianne, a Virgo born on the 8th of September.  I started blogging since 2004 (from blogspot, tabulas, wordpress, tumblr, name it—i’ve been on it!) so that’s more than a decade of embarrassing photos, videos, and posts already.  After so many years of hopping from one blog to another, I finally have a domain under my name.

This will be a space for my thoughts— whether in words, photos, or videos, about all things I love (travel, gadgets, makeup, books, movies, shows, songs, etc) and hate (I can’t think of any at the moment but there are a lot of things I don’t like lol what a hater).

I had to take down a lot of my blogs like my fandom blog (I forgot to renew my domain so they deleted it in a snap and I had no backup! huhu) but I maintain quite a few social media accounts for different interests like drawing and all things pretty.

I spent so much time on twitter, instagram, youtube, and sometimes on facebook, too.  Lately, I’m addicted to tiktok.  But most of my posts are private and I’m very picky who gets to see them especially my daily stories since I tend to overshare.

For inquries, suggestions, whatsover, you may reach me via email: mariannemnicolas@me.com or PM me in any of my social media accounts and I will get back to you the soonest 🙂

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