I’m still overwhelmed.  It hasn’t been twenty-four hours since I cut my hair and yet here I am with a blog post already *gasps* Sorry for the quality of the pictures, tho! 😛

So….. yup, this actually happened.  This has been bugging me for a few weeks so yesterday, I stopped overthinking and finally did it.

I’ve been seeing all these hair donations lately and I wanted to participate for the longest time but I’m scared.  A little back story: I haven’t had short hair since I was in elementary school.  Back then, I always thought there was something wrong with it because I couldn’t grow it as long as my classmates’ hair.  I remember writing in my Barbie Activity Book that if I were given three wishes, I’d like to have hair as long as Rapunzel’s.  I would cry whenever my Mom brought me to a salon for a hair cut.  She told me that my hair was not healthy enough for me to grow it longer.  I was frustrated.

When I lived in the dorms when I was in high school, that’s when my hair finally grew.  I didn’t care if it’s damaged, I just want longer hair.  This went on for almost eighteen years? I only had my hair trimmed about twice a year, or whenever I had it treated / rebonded.  I never imagined I would actually cut my hair. Until yesterday.

About a week ago, I already called Makati Med Cancer Center to confirm if they accept rebonded / colored hair and thankfully, they do.  Some Cancer Centers are much stricter so I’m glad Makati Med accepts any type of hair.

Here are their requirements as far as I know:

  1. Hair must be at least 9 inches long (I had to cut about 13 inches of my hair tho since the ends are too thin already)
  2. It has to be in a ponytail
  3. If colored, preferably in just one shade only
  4. It has to be placed in a zip lock labeled with your name, contact number, and email address
  5. Rebonded / treated hair is okay 🙂

Sadly, we were not able to make it to Makati Med by 4pm because of the Holiday Traffic (travel time is more than two hours from Bulacan, I want to cry) so I kept my hair in a zip lock and the person in charge for hair donations asked me to bring it by January.

Anyway, since we’re already in Makati, I just went to the nearest hair salon in Glorietta– Hair Shaft Lucy Britanico Salon.  Luckily, some of their customers had their hair cut there for donations so they already know what to do.

This is me with my waist-length hair (or butt length, idk HAHA).  I wasn’t unhappy, just super nervous and didn’t want to look in the mirror.  The stylist’s assistant (I forgot his name I’m so sorry!) is friendly so it helped ease my nerves.  He’s from Laguna too so I felt comfortable! I missed the Laguna accent, haha.  So cute and adorable.

This is me discussing the hair length I want.  I wanted it to be longer but they insisted on getting it shorter because the ends of my hair are not in good condition and would be useless 🙁 I had no choice but to agree.  Goodbye, ~13 inches of hair!

I still didn’t want to look… Haha.

Lol at my reaction.  I swear I was not angry at all.  The hair stylist is super hot too so I’m not sure why I always had that annoyed expression, HAHAHA.

*TADA* It’s gone.  Just like that 😛 Not shown in the pictures is that he cut it MUCH SHORTER after this.  I told him I didn’t want it layered but I have really damaged hair (some of my hair had intense breakage, it looked like I have bangs at the back of my head I KID YOU NOT) but I’m glad he insisted that he styled it.  Now the breakage isn’t as obvious as before 🙂 We also had funny conversations (because he’s cute and malandi ako, tyvm)

*before cutting my hair*

Me: Kuya, lalaki ba mukha ko kasi ang iksi?
Stylist: Ehhhh… ganun talaga, Ma’am.
Me: -____-” umm pa-trim na lang rin po ng bangs.
Stylist: Dorang-Dora na tayo diyan! 😀
Me: (wala ka bang magandang sasabihin Koya hahaha)


Stylist: *shookt* Bagay naman pala sayo Ma’am eh!
Me: Siyempre sinasabi mo lang yan huhu
Stylist: Hindi, bagay talaga lalo nung nag-soften na yung edges 🙂 Cute pa ng dimples mo, sayang isa lang.
Me: *smiles* Kuya dalawa po yan 😀 Kelangan lang pilitin 😛

HAHAHAHAHA. Even after I went out, he talked to Marvin and told me again that I looked nice 🙂 I almost left Marvin tbh, LOL.  But they both agreed that I looked fresher and younger, so… I’m good with that.  Haha! (aka ang bilis ko mauto 😀)

This is the final look! I just showered and it still looks pretty much the same 🙂 I was so worried last night because we all look good after a hair cut in a salon but once we shower and dry our hair ~naturally~, more often than not, it wouldn’t look the same.  Fortunately, I think my hair liked its new look 🙂

It would take time before I get used to this (I was shocked that my hair is already dry before I finish this blog post vs. the two (?) hours of waiting time when I had long hair) but if I would be able to help a cancer patient rebuild her confidence because of the wig made out of my hair, then that would be the greatest feeling this Christmas ❤︎

Ay, video pala!

For more information regarding hair donation, you may contact:

Ms. Charmaine or Mr. July Enriquez
Makati Med Cancer Center
(02) 888 8999 loc 7121 or 7122
Monday - Friday, 8am-4pm

I recommend visiting this salon too, should you decide to cut your hair short:

Hairshaft by Lucy Britanico Salon
Orbel Balmaceda, Artistic Director
3rd Floor, Glorietta 3, beside Gold's Gym
(02) 519 6178, 0908 811 7186

Can’t wait to have longer hair again! 😛 But all the comments saying I looked young(er) makes me rethink my choices, haha.


Got my certificate today! 🙂

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