Can’t believe this has been in my drafts for almost two years and I never got to publish it, but here’s another Taiwan 2018 travel post.  I will never get tired of Taiwan, and I hope you’ll never get tired if I don’t shut up about it as well.  LOL.


We went to Yangmingshan National Park on our last day, hoping to see cherry blossoms.  But we’re about a month late because the Flower Festival already ended last February.  It was cold up in the mountains and we got a bit lost, haha.  Instead of using our remaining energy getting angry, we just walked around and follow other tourists who looked like they were lost, too 😉

The fog was a bit thick and I remembered how cold it was when I visited Yangmingshan last year.  Jane and Ate Elaine even attempted to go on a short hike but I was too scared to go.

I forgot the name of the place (huhu) but it’s the first time I’ve been here! There was a couple who was shooting their wedding photos underneath the thick fog.  It was kinda scary because I couldn’t see anything, I felt like I might fall anytime. Haha.

Yayy for white sneakers! <3

I’m not sure why we didn’t do this earlier, but I can actually connect my phone as a remote to use the camera.  Ugh, we could’ve gotten better shots! Anyway, since the place looks a bit like the set from Stranger Things, OF COURSE we had to take a lot of photos… Some of them looked like Indie Music covers, while some just looked funny.  Like Teletubbies kind of fun.  Haha.

We also happened to pass by a natural hot spring! I’ve always wanted to try going here because I’ve seen it in Terrace House : Opening New Doors — that one episode where Shion and Tsubasa went on a date. It was so cute and wholesome, huhu.  It’s relaxing of course because we were so cold, haha.  A bit of a hassle that I was wearing tights tho, then a few minutes later I had to wear it quickly because the bus was there already.   If we didn’t hop in, we had to wait another hour for the next bus.

Our next stop: Tamsui Fisherman’s Wharf.  I know it’s nothing special but I’ve visited this for the third time and I still like it very much :3 I like how quiet and pretty the whole place is.  If you’ve read all my previous posts, you probably noticed how I am NOT an adventurous person at all.  I just like to look around, take photos, eat good food…. and that’s it.  I’m very easy to please 😛 I don’t even like a lot of people so this is a good place.  It helps a lot that Taiwanese people are not very loud so that’s one of a hundred reasons why I love Taiwan so much…

We had nothing better to do but take pictures so here’s Lily and Glaiza looking like Guess models… While Jenny and I… idk.  We’re cute and that’s about it, haha.

We abused our camera’s remote and self-timer until the battery got depleted :3 Tamsui will always be magical in my eyes.

Would like to copy Glaiza’s caption in this photo: The Sisters I Got to Choose ♥︎  I never had sisters nor have a lot of girl friends so I’m very thankful for these three.  We were close in high school but not as close as we are now and I’m really grateful for that.  Thank God we survived this trip!

Just a few more posts and I’m finally done with our Taiwan trip, hehehe.


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