Ack, I suck, I know XD It’s been more than a year but still I wasn’t able to finish my Taiwan 2017 trip, lol.  And actually…. I just got home a few days ago… from Taiwan… again.  Gaaah.

Anyway, before I start posting about my Spring 2018 in Taiwan, I feel like I have to finish my four-day photo diary for 2017. Hahaha.  I didn’t have a lot of photos during the fourth day because I couldn’t bring out the camera half the time due to the rain / fog.  These are mostly phone photos, some of them are from Ate Elaine and Jane as well.  There are not a lot  but just so I can finish this, here we go!

There were still no people around XD Taipei MRT is not usually crowded but this time there are ZERO commuters except us :O

We arrived at Yangmingshan and didn’t expect it to be this foggy T_T It was so cold and I was only wearing a normal-ish jacket, a dress, and leggings.  It was raining too and there was a short hike.  I didn’t go with them and decided to wait instead because it’s slippery and I was afraid of falling.

I did go to the Erziping trail tho.  Hahahaha.  Not in pictures, but we were wearing ugly yellow raincoats because the wind and rain was too strong, lol.

Our hostel is very near Taipei Coliseum 🙂

Found a really cute guy on the bus, heee

Weird building near Shilin Night Market

This picture doesn’t justify how cute he is tho 🙁

Goodbye, Taipei 101

I tried using the phone wide-angle lens I bought but it made the pictures blurry, huhu

First time to go up Taipei 101.  The floor was pretty scary because of all the mirrors!

View from Taipei 101~

This is the closest I can get to Vic Zhou hahaha

Still my favorite airport <3

This is obviously a very rushed post but congrats, self! You made it through four days! 😀 Hahaha.  For my Spring 2018 Taiwan posts, I will not make a daily itinerary anymore because I tend to get too lazy.  I’ll follow my Korea pattern instead 🙂

Day 4 Itinerary : Yangmingshan National Park | Taipei 101

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