I’ve always loved writing in my journal(s) but I realized during the pandemic how I’m much more of a visual person– I need pictures and videos, not just words.  Taking photos is something I’ve been doing since I had a camera phone and digital camera.  I didn’t realize how much I love videos more.  It always makes me feel like I’m actually there whenever I watch it.

There’s this popular digicam and camcorder trend these days.  The kind of trend that I actually love and would love to participate in!  The Sony camcorder I have is not working anymore (need to find a charger!) but I have several digital cameras: a purple polaroid T35, a pink Sony Cybershot T-10, a silver Pentax Optio, and a black Sony W360.  I couldn’t find my purple Polaroid anymore, the Pentax optio lens is broken, the pink Sony always corrupts the memory card.  But the black Sony one, which is actually my brother’s, is what I use the past few months!

Of course I use my phone more often, and sometimes I bring my Canon M10 to my travels.  But I try to bring and use the Sony digicam one whenever I go out and shoot some clips.  Next thing I know, I have enough to compile them in youtube videos.  I liked how it turned out! Although I think the quality still looks pretty good and not too vintage-y.  Haha.

Here are the first two videos which I really enjoyed taking 🙂 I love how camcorder / digicam videos are closer to the memories that I remember.  Does that make any sense? Like… in my mind, these are how events look like.  Not really in full-color, high-definition.   Haha, not sure how to explain it.  Lol.  Maybe it’s just nostalgia.

Anyway! Hopefully I can make more of these in the future! 🙂

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