Huh.  So I filmed a vlog. :))

I used to say I will not leave blogging and I prefer reading blogs instead of watching vlogs on youtube and yet… here I am.  Haha.

Still not a huge fan of watching vlogs but now I understand why so many people do it.  I know this isn’t for me (god, I’m so awkward, huhu) but I *might* try to film a lot more, too.  I can’t write well especially in English but I love doing it.  However, the past few months drained all the energy I have left.  It’s been hmm, about two months since I stopped updating my daily journal 🙁   It felt like so much has happened and nothing really happened at the same time.  When I have the time to finally write, I always end up staring blankly at my laptop screen because I couldn’t find the right words.

But when there’s a camera, it felt like I have a lot to show and say.  I’ve been keeping a journal since I was in elementary, I’ve been blogging since I was in high school.  So it doesn’t really matter if I have zero followers or subscribers, I’ll still do this for myself haha.

I’m quite proud of it, actually.  Travel videos are enjoyable to film and edit, I never thought I’d edit a video with just my face speaking infront of a camera but I was super excited to show people that after 30 long years, I finally have my own room!

It started about two weeks ago, when my brother went back to his condo in Makati because he had to report to work already.  He gave me his blessing and gave me his old room.  We were supposed to renovate our house and add a second floor so by the time he goes back, he’ll have a room to sleep in.  He can sleep in his sofa bed in my parents’ room tho since I swapped his old bed and mine, haha.  Yup, I used to sleep in my parents’ room.  Maybe they got sick of me this quarantine period so they couldn’t wait to get rid of me and just asked someone to paint the room, fix the floors, the bed, shelves, etc. for my room.

So that’s what kept me busy (and sane) these past few weeks.  And all the money I saved from NOT shopping for the past three months?  Gone. Zero.  Spent it all on my room renovation and Shopee haul for decoration.  I was supposed to upgrade to the 2020 Macbook Air but it’s been months and there was still no update from Apple.  By the time I finally moved in my room, *poof*, there it is -_- Maybe I was meant to get a new phone instead since my iphone 7 is giving up on me.

I’ve been documenting this on ig stories and I was overwhelmed by the messages I receive daily.  Apparently all my friends and cousins are into furniture / home / room decors and they’ve been actually super helpful, haha.  So I try to post as much as possible.

Had I known I’d be filming this vlog, I would’ve taken better videos of the room’s progress.  Hahaha.

LOL at me being shy but the video is about ten minutes long, hahaha.  Sorry I talk a lot.  I giggle a lot, too, heh.

Anywhay, here it is! Part 1 of my room tour! It’s 3am and I wouldn’t probably remember I wrote this when I wake up later, but… oh well.  Just need to update this blog.  Sayang naman bayad ko.  Wink wink.

That’s it!

Can’t wait for part 2 because that means I finally have my own bedside table, shelves, and a TV.  LOL I can stay here foreverrr.

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