Fifth post for the year and it’s only the 3rd of March? I hope this continues for the rest of 2018.

Last November 2017, I went to South Korea for the first time.  I’ve been a fan of KPop and Korean Dramas for almost three years now (better late than never :P) but visiting the country has always been a life-long wish of mine.

Out of all the tourist spots we went to, Petite France is hands down, my most favorite of all.  We were supposed to go here after our Nami Island tour but that was the day after we came to Korea and we were tired so we arrived there late.  Unfortunately, Petite France and Garden of the Morning Calm both close at 6pm so we canceled our Everland trip to go there for a whole day instead.




I CAN’T GET OVER HOW PRETTY EVERYTHING IS!!!! ❤︎ Look at these small houses with all the colors! And Christmas Lights! I feel like this place is made just for me, haha.  Everything is so tiny and colorful, I’m in love.

It was freezing cold when we arrived, though.  I’m not sure why I felt like it’s the coldest day for me when all the other days were much colder.  I was wearing four layers of clothes already (thermal underwear, one thermal turtleneck+ long sleeves, a dress, a bubble jacket, TWO thermal leggings, a thermal AND a normal sock, gloves, a knitted scarf, and a bonnet)  and I still froze.  Thank God for heaters, I managed to live. Goodbye, OOTDs, I’m fine looking like an Ahjumma as long as I don’t die in the cold.

Ahh, this place is truly magical for me.  I read an article before that you can’t really do anything here and well, they’re not exactly wrong 🙂  But… I love The Little Prince! I love Pastel Colors! And miniature things! So if this isn’t your cup of tea, then I’m not forcing you to go but I feel like you’ll miss out a lot.  Haha!

I hope the pictures convinced you to visit the place.  It’s a bit expensive for just a park, but for me, it’s worth it 🙂


We left around 4 in the afternoon so we can still visit The Garden of the Morning Calm.  I heard that it’s prettier at night because of the lights, but we didn’t expect that travel time would take ~30 minutes and the tickets were more expensive than Petite France! We arrived before 5 in the afternoon and the place was almost empty because it’s closing at 6pm.

Well, you can tell that it’s really cold since the water literally froze >_< There were some autumn leaves floating around tho, so it really meant the end of Autumn and start of Winter already.

Look at us, desperately trying to imitate Julia Baretto but I just can’t pose properly, mygoodness.  I think the Unnies did it a hundred times better than I did 😉

We went to the nearest cafe as soon as it started to get dark but it was already closed 🙁 I think my travel buddies didn’t enjoy the place as much because it was so rushed, we only have an hour to walk around! Some of the places were under renovation, some had no lights on yet, and we were just freezing.  We didn’t even get to see the filming location for Love in the Moonlight but good thing I haven’t watched that one yet so I’m not too sad. Heh.

But of course, I had to take a picture with the poster because Bogum’s face is in it. LOL.

I don’t really recommend it if you’re not a fan of the dramas filmed here or if you’re not a fan of gardens, in general.  When we were strolling I remembered we kept on talking about how hungry we were and wondering where to go and eat next.  It’s actually a nice place but if you’re only staying for a couple of days, better visit other tourist spots instead.  Or just eat and shop in Myeongdong (again), like we did 😛

You can also book a Nami Island-Petite France-The Garden of the Morning Calm day tour, I think it’s more convenient that way 🙂

Other South Korea posts are here. 🙂
Seoul, South Korea | Autumn and Winter 2017

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