After almost nine months, I finally finished our four-day Taiwan trip.  Maybe I didn’t want to let go of it yet that’s why it took so long! Days 1-3 are here 🙂




WARNING: Image-Heavy 

I almost didn’t make it because I was so sick the night before.  My motion sickness sucked the life out of me and I told my friends I wouldn’t be joining them to Yehliu the next day.  But God is good, I woke up feeling a whole lot better.

Yehliu Park is a bit remote but it is worth a visit 🙂 The place was actually part of our trip for Day 3 but it didn’t push through because of time constraints.

It was raining when we got there.  We’ve all used our winter outfits for Day 3, so we’re wearing casual clothes– tho I was wearing three layers of shirts.  Our flight will also be late at night so I can’t really put a coat on, heee.

IMG_3080My hair looks horrible, I know.


IMG_7539IMG_7540 IMG_7545 IMG_7547 IMG_7559 IMG_7560IMG_3122img_5831

img_5832The view was breathtaking *___* It’s a bit difficult to walk though because of the rain (seen in this video!) and because I was too scared to get sick AGAIN, I left earlier and stayed near the entrance (and stalked cute girls like this one in the picture below).img_5837-2My friends were back just a couple of minutes after to eat lunch together.  Seafood!!! Since we came here in Yehliu, that’s all I’ve been thinking about to be honest.  There are tons of seafood restaurants everywhere.

20160117_132916 20160117_133319


I really enjoyed taking pictures of random people with pretty clothes.  The girl in this photo is prettier in person, she reminds me of Michelle Chen too.

img_5777-1Scooters everywhere! I had no idea that Taiwan’s scooters are like the Philippines’ tricycles until I saw the movie Hear Me 🙂  Can you guess where we’re going? 😉

img_5847-2Does this look familiar? No? 😉 I even attempted to braid my hair, LOL.

img_5852 img_5858




IMG_7678YESSSSS we went to National Taiwan University aka Ying De University aka THE Meteor Garden University!!! *starts singing Qing Fei De Yi*

Ever since we booked our ticket to Taiwan, I already told Dex that I could not NOT go to Ying De.  Meteor Garden has been a big part of my childhood and will still be one of the reasons why I’m still into Asian Entertainment until today.  Good thing Jane and I are on the same boat (again, Team Hua Ze Lei!) so Dex and Che had no choice, haha.  There’s also another university where Meteor Garden was filmed (National Chung Cheng University) but it would take us more than three hours by bus if ever we decide to go 🙁 I remembered Dex messaged me a few weeks before the trip, saying how far it is and the others might not be into it because it’s too far.  He said he’ll come with me if the others don’t want to.  Aww, I was so touched ❤︎

img_5874  DSC_0164Fangirls unite!

After walking around the university, we went to Taipei 101.  Riding the Maokong Gondola was originally part of our itinerary but we didn’t have enough time 🙁 We haven’t eaten dinner yet, so we skipped it. At least it was something I can look forward to once I get back!


Da Ye from Mars! 😀

We were in a hurry so instead of wasting time looking for a good place to eat, we ate at McDonald’s.  Haha! Afterwards, we went shopping.  Not sure if it was a good idea because everything’s more expensive in the Taipei 101 Mall.  Haha. We bought groceries as well! Now that I think about it, I should’ve bought more snacks…

IMPORTANT: We think saw Eita in Taipei 101!!!!! *screams* I repeat, Eita.  Eita, Japanese Drama Superstar.  Eita, as in my favorite Japanese actor, EVER.  Now I know what being starstruck feels like! I’ve seen some of my favorite celebrities in person but this one’s different.  Jane and I were behind Dex and Cherith and there were a lot of people in the mall, but when Eita looked in our direction for about half a second, I was pretty much glued to ground.  I felt like an idiot and I was shaking so bad! Haha.  People must’ve bumped into me too because we were in some sort of a bridge connecting two buildings, and I was just standing there.  Not even sure if I was breathing 😛 That’s what he did to me, to us.  We were 99% sure it was him we saw– he was wearing mostly black clothes with his signature messy hair and a hat.  He’s with a friend who looks like a model as well… It still gives me goosebumps to be honest.  Haha, I’m such a fangirl– and a weak one.  Surprises like this isn’t good for my heart at all! 😛 [/IMPORTANT]

Behind the scenes! Haha. 😛 The rain didn’t stop us from taking a solo picture with Taipei 101, of course! It doesn’t look much in the pictures but when you see it in person, it’s really tall! It’s so hard to find a good angle because the building is so huge!

I hope I can visit Taipei just in time for Chinese New Year.  The photos of Taipei 101 with fireworks all look amazing ❤︎

We arrived in the airport just in time.  We saw some fans who had One OK Rock logos painted on their faces.  Then we later found out it was One OK Rock’s Concert in Taipei.  Days later, Jane and I went to see One OK Rock Live in Manila 😉

Since we ate earlier than usual and our flight is a bit delayed, we got hungry but all the stores in the airport were closed! 🙁 We had no choice but to buy drinks from the vending machines, haha.  We had noodles (which we shared among the four of us), and that was it, huhu.  Lucky we found a water dispenser and we used Dexter’s chopstick pasalubong for his officemates! Sorry, Dex! We were just super hungry that time, haha.

Dexter was sorting out pictures from the trip– about 3,000 of them.  Promise, we’re not vain 😛

We arrived in Manila around 3 in the morning and good thing Kuya Ed picked me up :’) My father actually got mad because I sort of forgot to ask who will be picking me up from the airport -_-” Eeeep. Haha, at least we all got back home safe? 😀 Screw work, I slept all day the next day.  I need all the energy to survive the whole week!


img_5919Awww, this was when we said goodbye to the lovely hosts of Taipei Sunny Hostel ❤︎ We did have a good time and it’s definitely one of the best hotels I’ve been to.  The staff are all very friendly and helped us a lot in our four-day stay.  Hopefully, I’ll get to stay here again when I go back to Taipei 🙂



I made it! I finished all four days of our Taiwan trip! Tho my original target was to finish this by the end of the summer, haha.  For sure, I’d still be writing about it in future posts because I fell in love with Taiwan that much ❤︎ You know what they say, first love never dies 😉


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