September 08, 2016
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I turned 27 today 🙂 I love birthdays but I hate getting (and looking!!!) old T__T Haha.  Birthdays will always be a big deal to me, always have, always will. 😀 I don’t think that’s a bad thing because every day of every year is a blessing 🙂

I woke up early and decided to attend the Holy Mass with my parents.  Happy birthday, Mama Mary! ❤︎ It’s still amusing when people react, “Ah kaya pala Marianne as soon as they find out that I share the same birthday with Mama Mary.  Heee.  I love my name.

Funny how I was wearing a casual dress for mass and changed into my uniform for the day.  Sorry but I didn’t feel like wearing this the whole day because it’s my birthday and I’m petty.  I changed clothes again before I even step out of the office, lol.

It was an ordinary day and I had work.  But being the feelingera that I am, I know deep down that SCM prepared a surprise, HAHA! We always do it for the others anyway, so it isn’t much of a surprise if you ask me.  Anyhow, I’m still so happy! ❤︎ Thank you for the cake and the love, dear officemates 🙂

Had another Gardenia / Cheese / Kopiko / Cake party! LOL.  I love my cake, but I really don’t remember when and where they got this picture! They said it was a group picture and they cropped me out but I still don’t remember hahaha.  Oh well.  I am old and I forget things, I’m sorry.


One of my officemates, who I sometimes call Daddy (he said I looked like one of his daughters! Which is kind of true because we have the same eyes :P) gave me this.  I let out a loud AWWWW when he handed it to me.  It was so sweet! ❤︎  We had a picture together but he asked me not to post it (because you know, there’s a Dad message lol) because he’s married with kids.  People might misinterpret.  Plus, it would look like he had a kid when he was just about ten years old.  HAHAHA.  But I’m very thankful.  Such a sweet gesture from you, Daddy!

Since my birthday last year, aka my KPop / KDrama year, I learned to love Korean food as well.  TriNoma had a lot of Japanese restaurants but very few Korean ones.  I had no choice but go to KPub again.  Either that, or Bon Chon 😛 In the mood for live music, too.  It wasn’t a bad choice at all but I wish there were more restaurants to choose from! Originally, I wanted to eat in a Korean restaurant somewhere in Tomas Morato but traffic keeps on getting worse and parking is difficult.  So yep, TriNoma it is!

Well, well, well, look who I saw! 😀

I celebrated my birthday here last year so I know how it goes.  Coco (as in Coco Martin look-alike!) is still here and their dance number is still as cute as ever.  Heee.  Oh, one of our singers tonight is Panky from Pinoy Dream Academy! I vividly remember her voice!

He’s not bored, it’s just his default facial expression.  I secretly took a candid picture of Papa, and they were both wearing the same expression.  Ha! I guess it’s true that you fall for someone similar to your father? Haha.

Every year, I celebrate with my family + a group of friends 🙂 This time, I invited my high school roommates.  I realized that even though we’ve known each other since we’re kids (and I mean, since we were born because two of them are my neighbors and the other one is an elementary classmate!), I haven’t celebrated my birthday with them in recent years.  So happy we’re complete despite their busy schedule! 🙂

Shine shine shine. LOL. I’ve always wanted to try Soju for that Ultimate Korean Food experience.  Not bad! It’s actually sweet and not as strong as I imagined.  Tho after five shots, I felt a little tipsy.  I slept all day the next day, haha.

Whoever took these pictures didn’t even tell me that we were barely recognizeable! Huhu, that sucks because we’re complete.  Oh well. 😀

LOL at my shoes 😛 Maybe they all thought that I am the most kikay out of all the four of us, but this picture proved that in fact, I’m not.  I don’t understand why people still think I’m dainty when I’ve always been a sneakers/casual dress kind of girl? Haha.

Anyway, overall, it’s a fun day ❤︎ I got to be with my family, with Marvin, and my oldest (and prettiest) friends 🙂 Also, gifts!!! Yep, twenty-seven and still shallow as hell. 😛

Thank You, Lord, for another year~! 🙂

3 thoughts on “Twenty-Seven”

  1. Belated happy birthday to you! 🙂 You’re very fortunate to have such thoughtful colleagues. Seems like you had so much fun on your special day. I wish you nothing but good health, and the best of luck with everything! May God bless you even more! ♥ Hope to hear from you soon!

    Love, Airish
    Gorgeous Glance

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