Taiwan Day 3! Previous Taiwan posts here 🙂 Thank you Che, Dex, and Jane for the pictures! 😀


We were actually quite prepared for this day.  We shopped for warmer clothes last night (I bought this furry coat for just PhP 900!!! Sulit!) because we’re going to the “country-side” today!  We had no idea that it’s election day so it’s just perfect to be away from the city for a while.

img_5498 img_5501DSC_0751

First stop: Beitou Thermal Valley.  The train we rode going there reminds me of Spirited Away again.  I insisted we go visit the hot springs but due to time constraints, we weren’t able to go 🙁  Ate breakfast at 7-11 (their bread is sooo good! 7-11 Philippines, I’m looking at you!).

img_5506  img_5508We stopped by Beitou Public Library and saw a wall of flowers and had a time-consuming photoshoot for the nth time.  The day before, we took photos with Chiang Kai Shek’s pretty floor tiles as the background, now it’s a wall of flowers.  We’re a hopeless group of people HAHAHA.


img_5763#Day3OOTD Got the boots for Php 250 and Bonnet for Php 150 at Xi Men Ding Night Market! Heee,  Coat is Php 900 only!


IMG_7104IMG_2851IMG_2825I stalked cute couples too. LOL.

DSC_0746HAHAHA this is one of my favorite pictures of you, Dex!

DSC_0783DSC_0812DSC_0823img_5576So so cute!!!


IMG_7111Aaah, Beitou Thermal Valley is beautiful! *_*


IMG_5578Harry Potter, is that you?

After visiting Thermal Valley, we went straight to the bus station for our next stop.  It was a memorable experience because we got lost! Hahahaha.  We rode the wrong bus!  Oooh, so that’s why we were wondering why we’re already in a residential area.  Lol.  We were the only ones left on the bus but luckily, the bus driver is super nice and showed us the way and instructed us which bus to take next XD

img_5580Another cute couple! And the NET store is like Taiwan’s Bench. Really good stuff for super low prices! I regret not buying thermal jackets! 🙁


Had lunch somewhere (no idea where we were since we got lost haha) and had one of the best and cheapest Xiao Long Bao!

Finally, we reached our destination– Fisherman’s Wharf at Tamsui 🙂

IMG_2228Fullon Hotel Tamsui

IMG_2230 DSC_0852

IMG_2945I’m not sure if I remember it correctly, but didn’t they shoot Meteor Garden here?

IMG_2952A closer look at the bridge 🙂




DSC_0950 DSC_0951



IMG_5602 IMG_5604 The whole place is picture-perfect, no need for filters! ❤︎



Taiwan loves KPop too! I’ve seen a lot of pictures of KPop idols everywhere.  I freaked out a bit when one of the stores I went to started playing Sungjae’s Love Song from Who Are You School 2015 🙂


And of course, there’s Hello Kitty…


Before sunset, we decided to go to Jiufen! We heard that the lights are really pretty at night.  It’s also THE real-life Spirited Away so we (Jane and I, at least XD) were so eager to see it!  But what we didn’t expect is that the place is reaaaaally far! I felt like we were travelling for so many hours already.  Worse, we had to transfer buses and the roads are slippery (it’s raining!) + dizzying.  I DID NOT EXPECT THAT.  AT ALL.

Because I’m a VERY healthy person, I got sick.  For the second time, here in Taiwan.  Yayy for motion sickness! -___-” Ahh, the zigzag roads 🙁  If I had known I would have brought my meds with me.  Huhu I’m so sorry friends, hope I didn’t ruin our trip 🙁

Anyway, when we got there it made me even sadder because the place was already closed except for a few shops 🙁 We arrived a little before 9pm– we should’ve targeted a 7pm arrival so we can see all the stores.  Oh well.  I WILL BE BACK.

IMG_2993IMG_2984The stores left open had expensive food (and stinky tofu– is it a sin that we didn’t try this?) so we ate at Family Mart instead!  I was still too sick to eat but I can still take pictures.  Hohoho~



 Since it’s already “late” (welcome to the province where people sleep at 9pm haha!), we’re having a hard time looking for a bus ride home.  Many cabs offered us a ride but they were expensive so we refused.  After a while, we negotiated with one cab driver to just take us home since it’s cold and we don’t think any buses will come anytime soon 🙁

Another bad experience– we were tricked by the driver! 🙁 Grrr.  He offered us a ride up to our Hostel but SUDDENLY, he told us that he cannot go there anymore for some reason :/ We were pissed but my friends are kind enough to pay and forget the bad experience.  Huhu.  We asked him to just drop us off at Taipei 101.

It was pretty warm inside the cab so I think my fever went down and I forced myself to be in a good mood even though we were tricked.  Haha! But upon arriving at Taipei 101, I was actually in high spirits!  The building’s HUGE!

IMG_5678 2Our first selfie with Taipei 101!



We spent a lot of time taking pictures with this LOVE sculpture.  Hahaha!  No surprise there.

IMG_5755Jane judging Dex


My friends thought this was a mirror shot??? Whaat?! I’m inside a carriage! Suits my outfit, yeah?

IMG_3037IMG_3045We talked for an hour, spotted cute Chinitos, took a lot of pictures, walked around the area 🙂

DSC_0044 101!

This was the most tiring day, so far! More than half the day we were just inside the bus LOL.  That’s why WE HAVE TO go back! There are still a lot of places to explore outside the city! Will come back for Jiufen next time and/or probably try the hot springs in Beitou!


BLOOPER: As soon as we arrived we were so excited to take pictures so we asked a group of Koreans to take this group shot.  They were talking and smiling at the same time when they were taking our picture and it finally hit us– we were BEHIND the LOVE sculpture so of course, they must’ve thought we’re stupid.  HAHAHAHAHA. Good job, friends!


Yay! One more day to go and I’m finally finished with my Taiwan 2016 trip! Aww, I miss it even more with every post 🙁

See you on Day 4! ❤︎

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  1. Tawang-tawa ako sa ibang pictures! Haha sana pala pinahingi ko kay Alex yung Taiwan pics nung nagkita kayo. Huhu.

    Ang saya ng araw na ‘to! 😀

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