January 19, 2016
SM Mall of Asia

Just got home from Taiwan and went straight to One OK Rock’s concert! Hahaha.

Funny thing is, I was on leave last January 18 because I slept the whole day.  Reported for work the next day, left the office at exactly 5pm to meet Marvin, Shanelle, Jane, and Alex for the concert.  My officemates thought I do nothing but go out with friends and spend all my money on Chinitino boys.  The latter is probably true, haha.  But I actually spend most days at home watching dramas sooo I find it hilarious every time they tease me how “lakwatsera” I am.  Seriously? :))

We bought the tickets a few months ago, but ugh, for the Nth time, I hate myself for not buying VIP.  Huhu.  I can’t say I am a hardcore OOR fan but I do enjoy their songs (and Toru’s really really hot, IMO).  To be honest, I have NEVER (!!!!!!) been to any Asian concert before! I know I fail as a fan.  This is mostly because: 1) I was too shy to ask money from my parents for concerts when I was still in school and 2) I didn’t have friends who were willing to go with me 🙁 So when they announced that a JRock group is coming in Manila for the first time, I didn’t want to miss the chance to hear them sing live! There were so many groups who went here in the Philippines for a concert but I wasn’t able to go so those are added to my really long list of regrets in life, lol.

I can’t explain the happiness that I am now at this point in my life where I can pay for tickets and actually have friends who like the same music / groups / shows 🙂




We got tickets for Lower Box C (PhP2,600+) while Shanelle’s seat is nearer to the stage and she purchased it hours before the concert! Huhu.  So glad so many people came but was kind of disappointed because scalpers obviously bought a lot of tickets too 🙁 Look at the vacant space on my right! I think that’s about 20-30 seats? 🙁 The seats on my left, however, were not for sale because it’s steep so it’s a bit dangerous…? Not really sure. Heh.



It’s Marvin’s first concert as well! I was really touched he went there with me.  We have known each other for almost six years now and I think he’s getting used to my obsession with Asian Entertainment, haha.  He even downloaded OOR’s recent album on Spotify to prepare for the concert :)) Even though Jane and I were screaming and jumping the whole time and he’s just there sitting there almost emotionless (HAHA), I just know he’s having a good time 🙂


We were together in Taiwan and in this concert, I even went to sleep in her dorm afterwards.  Yikes sorry, I’m so clingy, haha. We’re together for a whole week and even shared the same bed :))


With Shanelle! Hopefully we’ll be squealing for BTOB’s concert next time! 🙂


Outside, waiting for OOR to come out after the concert.  I remembered there’s this security guard who was saying something re: the band (I think?) and we had no idea what he’s talking about because idk, I guess he’s eating his words or the megaphone’s not functioning properly? And then… the fans outside started screaming, “Subtitles! Subtitles!” HAHAHAHA SO MEAN.  But I ended up laughing anyway ;____; Ah, to be surrounded by people who understand you is an amazing feeling.

More about the concert here in my Fangirl Blog! <3

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