I know, I know it’s four years late! But better late than never, right?  Before I was so embarrassed to admit that I was delayed for a year, but now I can say it without even thinking, haha.  I should have had my grad pic taken yeeears ago, when I was a little thinner, my hair is not brown, and I still have braces on.  But oh well, it’s my fault anyway.  That’s why the photos didn’t turn out the way I wanted it to.  I look so fat geez.

Luckily, I got to schedule with UP Diliman’s Engineering Grad Pic Team! Yaaay.  Went straight to the studio since it’s a late pictorial already.  Met Pisay/UP Engineering people there, batch 2012.  Yikes, I feel old! Before the pictorial, I was so upset with Marvin because we arrived so late.  It faded when I was in line and the studio had a One OK Rock playlist.  Well, that was cool.

It was the first time I wore a Sablay— we were the last batch to graduate wearing our toga.  I didn’t have my *moment* because the shoot is so fast-paced and I had to change into three costumes in less than ten minutes, I think?  I was happy how the toga shot turned out! As for the sablay and formal picture, not so much 🙁 For the nth time, I look fat 🙁 I’ve never been thin but you get my point.

I also have this HUUUUGE pimple on my left cheek, it suddenly appeared days before the shoot, wow.  When it was time for the retouch, the photoshop guy is not erasing my pimple because he thought it was a mole.  Goodness.  That’s horrible~! Haha.  Good thing the editing is super good and I also really love my makeup as well 🙂 The makeup artist shaved my brows and put falsies.  My pimple even bled because she was trying to conceal it so much, haha.  But overall, I really liked it.  I originally wanted to have my hair straightened but she said curly hair looks better.  Okaaaay.  I guess my face is really huge for a straight hairstyle.

As for the creative shot, it was so fun watching the photographer shooting everyone! He was so cool, directing all the poses and facial expressions.  Haha! I showed him a pic of Ryu Jun Yeol and Hyeri (HAHAHAHA) because I didn’t prepare any costume and I just wanted a beauty shot.  He made it happen! I told him I don’t know what to do and he kept on suggesting where to put my hands, where should I look, how to project, etc.  The girl before me was dressed as Khaleesi and she got super awesome shots, too! Heee.  I enjoyed it.  The final outcome didn’t look like me (it’s so weird!!!) but I honestly think it’s a good shot, tho.  So far from my personality, but heck, I need it sometimes.  Who wouldn’t want to look pretty in pictures? 😛

For the young ones *coughs* they were so excited for the photos because they’re going to post it on their instagram and facebook accounts.  I was thinking that I can finally update my CV and Linkedin LOL.  Generation gap! Can’t wait for the final photos! <3

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