November 03, 2016
Pascual Laboratories, Inc.

I celebrated my 2nd anniversary at work today.  Can’t believe it’s been two years! It’s the longest I’ve stayed at work, so far.  Heh.  I still remember all my work anniversaries, and it’s always in November! November 5 for Starbucks, November 18 for Shopwise 😛 So if ever I decide to change my job, I should do it after a year? Haha.

The two years I spent at work had a lot of ups and downs but I have always been very thankful to those who supported me from the start.  From my boss to my SCM teammates, and to all my officemates as well who has been a part of this journey, thank you.  I know I’m not the best employee out there– I haven’t even perfected my attendance, I tend to get sick easily, I am sometimes cranky and lazy, but still, thank you for rooting for me.  I will try my best not to disappoint any of you.

Not sure where my career will take me but for now, I’ll just go with the flow.  I am still glad I stayed 🙂

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