Ha, I haven’t even started my 2018 year-ender post and yet here I am with a 2019 update already.

I’m not feeling very good lately actually– I had to take a sick leave yesterday because I wasn’t feeling well since Wednesday.  Funny how we only have three work days for the week and yet, I wasn’t able to survive yesterday.  Yes, I was really sick.  But maybe there’s still something going on that I can barely even go out of bed.  It sucks, but I just had to disconnect from real-life people sometimes.  I feel like I’d go crazy if I don’t do that for at least once a month.  I’m trying to be better so I hope you’re not too worried about me 🙂 I admit it makes me feel warm knowing that someone’s kind enough to check on me, tho.  Always thankful for all these people ❤︎

Anyway… here’s what happened to me so far:

First time to try boxing.  It was fun but really, really embarrassing.  I felt like I was doing my best during training but when I watched the video after, I just want to cry. LOL.  Coach told me it’s as if I was just tapping him instead of giving him nice, hard punches.  Didn’t help that Lily did such a good job! Haha.  They say practice makes perfect but idk, maybe I’ll continue this until I look passable enough.

Woke up this morning with my BMI back to normal.  It was like that for about a month ago but then I gained weight again and my weight continued to fluctuate.  But for the whole week, it stayed almost the same (just a ~0.1-0.3 kg difference) so I’m glad! Our annual physical exam is already on Friday and I just couldn’t forgive myself if I see another OBESE remark on my results.

Got addicted to samgyupsal.  Haha, I don’t exactly know why but I crave for it a lot lately.  Maybe because there are at least 3 new samgyupsal places around me so it’s so much more accessible than before.  No need to go to Trinoma or Centris!

Had my first sleepover for the year.  I’m glad some things never change 🙂 We’re okay with just eating and talking until morning.  This time, our topics got more mature since we’re finally talking about weddings and our current careers.  It was stressful because since when did our teenybopper days go? In the blink of an eye, we are excited to discuss the future.

Got promoted to Purchasing Supervisor.  I will be always thankful for my company but I know I’ve always felt comfortable– too comfortable for my own good.  So when I decided to transfer, my goals got a lot clearer and within a span of six months, I got promoted twice.  I like working and I like being busy (it makes time pass by quickly while at work) even if it gets super stressful sometimes.  I also have a new boss but we haven’t worked closely together yet… so maybe I’ll update later. Heh.


Ahhh, I still have A LOT of drafts for this blog.  I tend to write the first few paragraphs easily and then I’ll lose it halfway.  I hate that I’m not a decent writer, I hate that I feel so insecure with my English skills, I hate how I start too many things at once and not finish anything.  I guess this is one of my weaknesses and I need to address that sooner or later this year.

I haven’t been around a lot of people that much and I feel alone most of the time even when I’m with real-life people.  Online friends always helps, they have always been my source of comfort if real life stuff is too much for me to handle.  So yup, here I am writing this entry without expecting anyone to read it.  Heck, I’d actually be too embarrassed if somebody I know personally reads my blog… but oh well.  I’ll survive that embarrassment someday 😀


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