August 21, 2022

I think I was most excited for this day, haha.  Ever since it was announced that we are going to Australia, all I can think about are Koalas and Kangaroos :)) I’ve always identified with Koalas– they’re cute and clingy and loves to eat and sleep.  Me, basically.  Haha.  And I don’t really know much about the tourist-y places in Australia except just to see the Koalas so I was excited.

I was both happy and disappointed at the same time.  Happy because the koalas are soooo cute but disappointed because COME ON.  It’s a Koala Park and there are only two of them?!?! I was expecting a dozen, huhu.   But thankfully, we can get really close, but we’re very careful not too touch and disturb them.

Look at this cutie!!! So fluffy!

With the best team 🙂 Haha.

And my favorite girls <3

With my boss, joking that we’re in Cavite.  Sigh.  Haha.

All things Koala heeehee.  But what I didn’t realize is that Kangaroos are actually quite scary! One of them tried to run in my direction AND I PANICKED.  I feel like it’s not planning to attack me but I screamed for my life because they are scary!

The mini zoo was quite underwhelming.   And maybe because it’s cold, most of the animals were hibernating, haha.

Our next stop was the Blue Mountains and Steep Rail Roads at the Scenic Road.  Oh my, I enjoyed it a lot! I didn’t expect the ride to be so thrilling lol. I’m not too afraid of heights (speed do scare me, tho) so it was really nice and I wanted to try one more time, huhu.  The videos are embarrassing because I was screaming hahaha.  But the view was really breathtaking!

Yep, not afraid of heights.  I was thrilled to stand on top of the cable car’s clear glass! There’s a waterfall underneath!

There was a mini cafe on the rooftop so we didn’t miss our chance to get coffee and some pastries.  The lemon cake was alright but I loved the coffee! I heard Australia has really good coffee so I’m happy we got to try it out.

Blackpink in your area!  We went to Echo Point next and I think this was the coldest we’ve been to so far.  The wind was so strong and the sun’s almost set.  Plus it’s in the mountains! We took so many photos because we were so excited to see the other group here.  I just wish we had more time with the others, sigh.

Thank you, Marion for letting me borrow your coat! I love it huhu.

So we went to Korean Barbecue last night and now we ate at a Chinese Restaurant so I loved it, of course! Kinda sucks because the lunch we ate earlier was disappointing huhu.  Australian food was kind of… bland?  Even the breakfast at the hotel was disappointing.  Asian food is just way better.

We were actually late for dinner since I was trying to fix the sim card / data because having no wi-fi sucks lol.  We didn’t realize that people were waiting for us.  I’m not sure why they waited tho since this was just like a few steps away haha.

AFter dinner, we went out for dessert and ended up eating ice cream.  Haha, we were supposed to drink alcohol but everything was closed already. I think it was just around 8 or 9pm?  We have walked quite far and went back to the same place(s) twice already but there were no bars.  There were no stores selling alcohol as well so it’s kind of frustrating! Yes, it was a Monday night, but still! I didn’t expect Australia to have zero night life!

Nicole and I weren’t too satisfied and still wanted to drink so we went to my boss’s room and got wine hahaha.  They asked us to go with them to a bar so of course we agreed! We went out before midnight.

The experience was kind of… meh.  There were no open bars and since it was a Monday night, more drinking spots were closed.  We were able to go to an Asian bar where people are mostly Thai.  We were supposed to go to the bar they went to the night before but OF COURSE it was closed.

The music was good here (I’m biased) but the crowd?  Too young!!! Like, I-just-got-my-ID young.  I wouldn’t be surprised if there were minors hiding there hahaha.  Since the only girls were Nicole and I, we were actually planning to go meet and flirt with some of the guys but there wasn’t any haha.  I just laughed it off but Nicole was very smug about it.  It’s kinda funny.  I feel sorry for her but it’s just too entertaining, hahaha.

(Plus I was nursing a broken heart ‘coz the guy I liked stopped messaging me HAHAHAHA.  I thought of partying with other guys but I just missed him okay!!!)

Anyway, I went back to the hotel around 3 or 4am and Mich and Kim were no longer in our room and Marion’s already asleep. So that ends our second day!


As usual, here are links of my video updates on TikTok 🙂


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