Oh wow, it’s been a while.

Two weeks into this enhanced community quarantine and yet I haven’t even started any of my personal projects.  As an introvert, I’m used to staying at home the whole day and I don’t mind that at all.  I still have to work from home, Monday-Friday from 8am until 5pm.  This still gives me a lot of time to start (and finish) pending blog posts, planner entries, and travel videos but I can’t seem to be immersed into any of it.  Maybe I’m super overwhelmed by how many stuff I have to do that I’m not sure which to prioritize first.  Today, I took a deep breath and started with this blog post.

This is the easiest to do because I just have to list *important* things that has happened to me lately, right?  I would have written a separate post for each one but it’s too hard to keep that promise 🙁

So anyway, here it goes!


Happy 2020! It’s been only three months but it felt like years already.  I promised myself that this is my year (and I’m sure most of us did!) but… oh well.  Things happen.

Gave in and bought a daily planner.  I failed to update two of my planners last year– both digital (using my iPad and apple pencil) and my Starbucks planner.  I thought it would be nice if I buy a daily planner since I’ve been busier these days.  So far, as of March 28, I still enjoy updating it daily and putting pictures in it, too.

Made a private blog.  I’ve been thinking about it for a while now and I finally did it.  It’s just the usual tumblr with a password and I’m the only one who knows about it.  I try to write in English as much as possible so I can practice.  So far, so good.  It’s not even a hundred days yet but I almost always write everyday.  It has been therapeutic, I love it.

Finally had a Harry Potter-themed Kick-off Rally.  We waited for far too long! Haha, we enjoyed it a lot, although because I’m a bit of a Potterhead, it quite irked me why we didn’t choose the correct colors for each house.  I still loved it, tho. The setup at the manufacturing plant was really nice!

Gained so much weight.  This time last year, I was already at least 3kg lighter so it made sad, huhu.  I try to eat healthier and go to the gym more often but work (and traffic!!!)  really got in the way.  Hopefully by second quarter, it goes back to normal again 🙁

Attended Steph and AJ’s Wedding in Baguio.  It was the first out-of-town wedding I’ve been to and it was one of the best ones, too! I was with Ate Joane the whole time (we were roommates) and we had some pretty serious talks.  It was nice that she and I talked about how I felt back then when my ex and I were still together.  I used to be hurt by her words but now that we talked about it, I was a bit relieved 🙂 Anyway, the wedding was super nice, huhu! I’ve never seen Steph this happy, and being surrounded by her family and friends didn’t feel awkward at all.  We got a bit drunk (heeee) and had a good time.  Too bad we weren’t able to have a mini tour around the city because we were so tired.  Haha!

Glaiza’s Bridal Shower.  Spa party! We’ve been planning this for weeks and I’m glad that it pushed through without any problems, I think? It was super wholesome, I hope everyone liked it as much as I did.  Heeee.


Glaiza and Mike’s Beach Wedding.  Not gonna lie, I’ve always thought beaches are a hassle, hahaha.  I’m not really an outdoor person because I hate the sun (lol) and I haven’t imagined walking on sand bare-feet while wearing a gown.  But seeing how breathtaking the pictures and videos are, it was worth it.  Haha.  Glaiza is the most beautiful bride I’ve seen ♥︎ It was an intimate wedding, even with that many guests.  My whole family was there and we’re lucky to have witnessed such a beautiful wedding.  Wishing for a happy marriage, for these two! Aww, thirteen years to forever!

Finally got a 256 GB SSD for my 2012 Macbook Air.  I got it on sale and it was soooo worth it.  Definitely one of my best buys! I’ve always been a laptop person but ever since I got this laptop with a 64gb SSD, I couldn’t do anything in it, to be honest.  Now that I have a lot of storage, I can use Final Cut Pro without having to use my external hard drive, I can make blog posts, I have a Steam account, and now I’m even downloading Sims!  Can’t wait!

Seventeen Ode to You in Manila.  Whenever I try to blog about the concerts I watch, I always end up with nothing.  It’s so hard to put feelings into words, especially if it’s music or concert-related because I’m not sure how to express it.  Hopefully I’ll be able to re-live the moment and write about it soon.

Papa won an award.  And we’re super proud of him, we even threw a mini surprise party complete with a tarp and a cake!  Hehe. We may not agree with a lot of things because our political views always clash (sigh, at this point, I just brush it off because I get frustrated thinking about it) but I just hope that one day, he will be able to see where we are coming from.

First Valentine’s Day in eight years without a boyfriend.  Not that I’ve celebrated all my Valentine’s Days with my ex but it’s nice that you have someone you hold close to your heart during this season.  Haha.  Which leads me to…

I’m dating again.  Not sure if I can say this publicly but since there’s a very small chance he’ll see this blog, I’ll say it anyway.  I’m currently dating this person…. let’s call him H for now 🙂 Not exclusively, I think.  We’ve only seen each other twice but the connection and attraction were definitely there.  We are good friends but I’m still not used to this set-up because I’m a very very insecure and awkward person.  I often self-sabotage, too, so I just hope that after this ECQ, things will go smoothly?  But I have to prepare for whatever might happen.  If I end up heartbroken again, then may it serve as a learning experience for me.  I don’t think I’ll date again soon after tho.  I didn’t know it can be this emotionally exhausting.  Sure it was fun, but not really for me.  We’ll see what’s going to happen in the next few months.

Got super busy with work.  I know I mentioned this a couple of times in this post already but I really am busy.  Ever since the Coronavirus started to spread in the Philippines, the demand for health care products increased drastically.  We were well-prepared with our forecast for this year but none of us expected this at all.  Our orders quadrupled (or more!!!) and while it was a good problem, we were physically and mentally tired.  I like my job, and I like how my job helps people but the demand was too high and I feel a lot of pressure right now if I’m being 100% honest.  I just hope this pandemic ends soon so we can all go back to what we were before.


Had our annual physical exam.  It sucks that last year, I was overweight and I told myself I’ll never put myself in that situation again.  I was obese for the past 4 years, so I’m hoping my BMI got normal this time around but no.  I was actually 3kg heavier and I hate myself for not taking care of my body enough.  I’m determined to change this soon but then, this lockdown happened and I couldn’t even go to the gym!  But I’m slowly losing weight here at home…. I try to workout as much as I can and since I haven’t been eating fast food for the past two weeks, losing weight has been a bit easier…

Started Working From Home.  Like what I said earlier, I don’t mind staying at home since I’m an introvert anyway.  Plus I have a laptop now so I can easily get work done.  What bugs me though is that with this lockdown in NCR and Luzon, almost all our suppliers stopped their operations already.  In just two weeks, I have almost nothing to do left.  I try to start work projects since I’m home the whole day but there’s just not enough resources because I need my suppliers.  Huhu.  But, safety first, of course!


I hope everyone’s safe and healthy, and I’m praying this pandemic ends soon.  Today, I tried to stay away from social media not because I stopped fighting for our country but for my mental health.  I will be back in a couple of days.  We will never stop fighting.

As much as I want to comment more about it publicly, I’m afraid for my family and my own safety.  For now, all I can do is to use my voice to educate others and to pray for better days ahead 🙂

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