Another place that I look forward to when I go to Osaka is The Wizarding World of Harry Potter! I’ve been a Potterhead for almost two decades now and seeing all of these with my own eyes just felt so surreal.

As soon as we enter Hogwarts, we can already hear the Harry Potter theme song playing and I couldn’t help but squeal.  Growing up, I’ve always enjoyed reading the books and watching the movies (I have a separate appreciation for both so I didn’t really care about the book vs. movie comparisons before, lol).


I used to be a Ravenclaw but when I got sorted again, I’m a Slytherin alreay.  I first got sorted when I was in my teens so I decided to get sorted again as an adult.  Honestly, I think the Slytherin house is a better fit.

Or perhaps in Slytherin,
You’ll make your real friends,
Those cunning folk use any means,
To achieve their ends.

Not all Slytherins are bad, I think.  They’re basically Ravenclaws but are more loyal, more cunning, and more goal-oriented.  They value brotherhood more than anything so trust us not to leave your side especially during crucial times.  All or nothing 😉

I was supposed to buy Slytherin-related stuff like a scarf and/or a robe (but this one costs Php 8,000 so N O P E) but decided to just wear the colors instead.  Heh.  

We weren’t even ten meters away from the entrance and we already took a lot of photos! It’s just that aesthetically pleasing, huhu.

Even the pathway going there is really nice, too.  We should have explored the grounds more… What if there’s a secret passage that we missed?

There was a Hogwarts Express train as well! Sad that we didn’t get to see it at night, we’ve seen videos and pictures of it and it looks so magical 🙁 We left USJ just before sunset and we kind of regret it as soon as we saw the videos.

AAAAHHHHH the castle is so beautiful! It’s even more beautiful in person! Way better than I imagined ❤︎ My 11-year-old self is crying~

Me trying to vlog~ say hi!

The famous butterbeer is so good?!?! OMG???? I wanted more but it costs ~Php 300 each for the non-alcoholic version.  Imagine, it’s the cheapest one already.  Everything you touch here in Japan is like gold, lol.  But this tastes like salted caramel, I love it!  Will go back for you, I promise!

Marion and I didn’t have a lot of pictures together (except for selfies) and we were too shy to ask strangers to take pictures of us.  But we couldn’t miss this! Luckily, the staff from HP took these and she even asked us to drink the butterbeer and leave some foam on our lips so it would look cute in pictures. Hehe.

We finally have this shot, lol!  #SocialClimbing101

We also had a mini tour inside the castle but it was too dark inside to take photos and videos.  It’s also so cute that the characters’ voices were dubbed in Japanese!

And here are more (overpriced) souvenirs from the castle.  Marion should’ve bought this cap, tho.  It was really nice.  If you’re reading my post, I’m still trying to make you regret not buying this hahahaha.

Cho Chang’s dress! This was my dream since Goblet of Fire.  I always felt closer to her character just because she’s Asian haha.  And seeing her in this dress during the Yule Ball is still one of the highlights of the movie for me!

I want to buy this robe but when the price tag showed 8k pesos? No, thanks.

Haven’t bought treats because everything is just too pricey Tsk.  I hope I have enough money when I get back! Huhu, chocolate frogs!!!

I don’t have a lot of pictures here because I mostly took videos.  Marion took more pictures so most, if not all, of the pictures in this post were taken by her 😉

It will probably take me forever to edit our Japan videos but I hope I find the time to sort and edit everything!  This blog, too.  I need to update all my travel posts soon.  As usual, I’ll be tagging all my Japan 2019 posts so it will be easier to backread.

Until my next update!

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