Yikes, if you know me personally, this is HUGE news.  Haha!  I admit I’m weak, I never go out of the house to exercise, and I hate games and activities requiring physical strength.  The only exercise I do every day is to walk (sometimes run just because I’m late) from Merced Bakeshop to Eton Centris.  I hate hassle commutes.  So… you get my point. Haha.  My parents thought they were protecting us when we were younger but we were never exposed to playing outside when we were still kids.  My fault here though is that I didn’t do something about it.  I just hated physical activities since I was a kid.  PE was the worst subject for me.

This year, my BMI reached 28 during our annual physical exam.  That’s borderline obese already! I’m only 4’11” and the thought of my weight makes me cringe so bad.  If anyone asks me what motivated me, it really is my health, promise (and added pressure because two of my closest friends are obsessed with fitness haha I feel left out).  Pretty sure it’s not because of vanity alone because I’ve always been meh about it.  There are bad days wherein I get too insecure with the way I look, but I’m okay with it in general.  Self-love is super important, you guys. So if I just do it because I want to look good, I always tell myself to just wear cute outfits and I’m okay.  But getting sick easily, making a hundred excuses just so no one will force me to do physical activities?  Not good.  I’ve been trying to avoid being healthy and strong all my life.  I’m turning 30 next year and all of a sudden, it just freaked me out so much.

My view when I’m at the treadmill, pretending to actually run

I still hate running, I hate cardio, and my baby-sized feet doesn’t help at all.  Buuuut I actually enjoy the other exercises, surprisingly.  We’re on our 2nd month as of this writing  and I’m finally seeing the progress. It makes me super happy when other people (especially those who didn’t know I go to the gym) compliment me, sometimes they couldn’t even point out what changed, lol.  I’m just happy they noticed!

I’m also super happy Lily decided to go with me.  I couldn’t do it alone 🙁 Sometimes, Glaiza comes with us, too.  We were just talking about it one day, then we just went for it! The gym was super close to our house so that’s a plus because the location is really important for us.  Both Lily and I can stay at home the whole day and never get bored.  We’d bond over donuts and TV shows or just sleep instead. Working out is something we’d never imagine we’d be doing, to be honest.

This is my favorite part, of course.  Haha.

Every time Lily couldn’t go because of work, I always make sure I have an appointment with our personal trainer.  Yes, we got ourselves a personal coach CAN YOU IMAGINE LOL.  I really, truly, couldn’t go to the gym alone especially if there are a lot of people around, especially guys, huhu.

Super thankful for our Coach who continues to monitor our progress.  If you’ve been following me on instagram, I talk about him non-stop (because GOD HE’S GORGEOUS AND HAS ABS AND A SUPER CUTE SMILE whew let me fangirl a bit) but it’s honestly just the icing on a cake.  Sure it motivates me to go there frequently because I want to see him (LOL) but I signed up for this without knowing him! It’s just an additional blessing because he’s really nice.

I even bought a fitness band and a few gym clothes! Who am I???

We started to have sessions with him twice a week after work and then we just casually go there every Sunday for a quick workout.  Now we meet him just once a week and we still try to go to the gym 3x a week.  If not, we try really hard to work out at home.

I continue to monitor my progress, I take pictures every after workout and I even take videos so just in case Coach isn’t there, we know what to do.  As for the diet, I still eat *normally*.  By normal, I mean, I still eat rice and yes, I still drink Coke.  I try not to eat rice for dinner tho.  And I avoid Coke as much as I can.  Sometimes I buy the 500mL bottle on weekends and I try to consume it for a week. I just need to taste it, lol.  We noticed that there’s a huge difference in our appetite since we started working out.  I can no longer eat one whole meal.  There were still cravings but it’s more manageable? I choose healthier options, too.  Coach made a diet plan for me but I didn’t follow it not because I have zero discipline but I don’t think it’s going to work.  It looks like crash diet to me.

I want our workout and diet to be sustainable, I’m not in a rush for results.  It’s totally fine if it will take a longer time for me to lose weight, what’s more important is how willing I am to do this in the long run.  Our coach told me that I’m getting stronger and that’s super important for me! Sure the compliments that I’m getting boosts my confidence but being weak weak my whole life, you have no idea how much it meant to me when he says I’m getting stronger 🙂

For now, I’ve lost around 6-7kg after 8 weeks.  I lose 1kg/week for the first seven weeks but now on our 8th week, I do nothing but eat.  Haha! It’s our company anniversary and I had so many events these past few days, lol @ my excuses.  But promise I’ll get back to it, soon! My goal is to bring back my weight when I started working (so that’s an additional -3kg) so it’s believable.  Haha! From there, I’ll set another goal but I’m okay with the baby steps for now.

I’ll be sharing some photos of my progress here one day 🙂

Until next time!

2 thoughts on “Life Lately: I Started Going to the Gym!”

  1. I really love seeing your progress in IG stories. Super motivating! Sana ako din haha. Kulang pa ako ng motivation to keep going. 🙁 Usually I’ll just do it for one week then I’ll stop. 🙁

    1. Huhu, thank you! Siguro dahil 30 na ko next year (at ayoko mafeel yun at magmukhang 30 rin HAHAHA) kaya yun naging number one motivation ko haha. Atsaka malaking tulong pag may buddy ka! Kung wala siya nako kakatamad. Haha. Good luck!!! 😉

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