The last Happy List post I made was almost a year ago, lol. The year has been good to me in general but there are still days when I feel frustrated, sad, or a bit… empty.  Ate Sarah G, I feel you~ (except that I’m not a beautiful, talented, pop star, but still!!!)

  • Booked a trip to Taiwan. One of the most spontaneous things I’ve done so far. I usually plan my trips at least 3 months before to prepare the budget and itinerary but I’ve always wanted to go with high school roommates on a trip. We’ve been friends for more than half our lives already but we haven’t even got out of the country. So when the plane ticket prices suddenly dropped (I couldn’t call it seat sale because it’s still expensive but relatively cheaper because it’s barely a month away) I messaged them and we all agreed to go. I’ll be blogging about the trip in a series of posts so I pray I wouldn’t be too lazy to do it!

  • More time for books, movies, and TV shows. I guess in sad situations, you just have to look at the bright side. I’ve been assigned at the manufacturing plant in Bulacan for two months now and I admit it makes me sad at times. Nothing against the plant and the people (I LOVE the team, huhu and I feel like they love me back as well!) but working 10 minutes away from home makes me feel so unmotivated 🙁 Plus I miss the people from the Eton office, I miss eating good food (aka Jollibee), and I just miss how I can meet friends after work. Now it’s just work-home for me every single day. I leave at around 8am and I’m already home before 5pm since work ends at 4:30. I tend to sleep way too early (before 6pm because I turn on the aircon, the heat is killing me these days!) and get up so late in the evening to eat dinner. Ugh, so unhealthy. What I love though is that I have more time for reading and watching so I have no complains about that. See how long my rant was but I tried to end it on a positive note. Lol.
  • Finally catching up with my blogs. Writing in English has always been uncomfortable for me especially if I’m aware people are going to read it. I personally think I speak better than I write, if I don’t get nervous first, that is. So blogging has been helpful these past few years for practice. My work doesn’t require me to do anything creative (sad) so I try to take photos as much as possible, edit photos and videos, and write. I have to do this for my sanity.  I know I’m still lacking so I try my best to practice!
  • Visited Marvin alone for the first time! This was quite an achievement for me because for the past six years we’ve been together, I only visited their house ONCE and he was with me that time. They were celebrating Hagonoy’s fiesta last week and he invited me but I couldn’t file for a leave because I was assigned in Bulacan. I know he was disappointed and I felt bad so I decided to surprise him. I asked his brother for directions and OHMYGOD, the commute was hell, I’m not exaggerating! We both live in Bulacan but he lives soooo far, more than an hour away from our house. It is far easier to go to the QC office. I wanted to cry because I’m tired and the weather is not helping me at all. But I rarely do things like this for him and yet, he always does this for me.  Whenever we go out he still drops me home even when he’s not feeling well.  I always feel guilty when I’m mad at him for a long time, heh.
  • I started sorting out my e-books and shared them to friends.  Some of my ebooks were from friends too so I compiled them all.  You can get the link here! Let me know if there are broken links and I’ll try to re-upload them 🙂 And I have yet to find an e-book reader better than Moon+Reader Pro on Android. For the last ~5 years, I’ve been using my Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0 tablet as an ebook reader and NOTHING beats this app– all the features I wanted is in it.  I don’t even use my Kindle anymore! The developer finally emailed me back but sadly, they have no plans on releasing the app in ios in the near future, huhu

  • I joined Sungjae’s birthday project! It’s the first time I joined something like this, haha.  PH Melodies started to collect funds for Sungjae’s birthday ad along EDSA.  I felt proud just seeing it even though I haven’t had the chance to see it in person.  The first birthday project I joined was for Ryu Jun Yeol last year but it was for a good cause.  It was a bit pricey but I received freebies (lol) and it was for charity.  This time, it’s just for fun but I’m still super happy! I didn’t donate a lot (read: I’m broke as hell) but I’m still glad to be part of it!
  • Not to brag or anything, but I think my videos are getting better.  They’re not as shaky as they used to be!  I don’t post a lot (yet?) on youtube but I think you can easily see my progress by just watching the last four videos I made.  Haha.  Now I realize how much of a disaster my Korea video was! It’s too shaky and almost unwatchable hahaha.
  • I’ve wanted the Apple iPad Pro for the looongest time because I want the apple pencil and now they released a 2018 iPad which is almost half the price of the pro.  I hate how I don’t have money and yet I still have time to daydream and purchase anything I want.  But this feels like it’s calling me, huhu! I’ve wanted this for so long and now that I’m given this much cheaper option, I couldn’t sleep just thinking about it.  Haha.
  • Joined our company outing in Bicol and surprisingly, I enjoyed it.  The travel time is still overly tiring but hey, it’s worth it.  I blogged about it here 🙂
  • Spent quality time with family and friends.  I know this is too broad but isn’t this the most important of all? 🙂 I especially enjoy sleepovers, movie marathons, and eating out with my family and friends.  I’m very easy to please anyway, I didn’t have to go anywhere fancy as long as I’m with people I genuinely liked.  I also met new friends and/or reunited with some friends who share the same interests (fan girlfriends are the best) so talking to them keeps me excited these days.

I probably missed a lot of updates but yup, this is my life lately. 😉

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