After six years, I can’t believe I’m finally saying this again.  I’m back to school!

I’ve been wanting to do this for the longest time but I made up so many excuses that I always end up not pushing through with it.  But some things changed and I know I just had to do it– it’s now or never.

I remember getting so hooked in Kuragehime that I read the manga while watching the show.  Japanesse has always been by favorite language since who knows when.  I know I’ve been swallowed by KPop these days but I still stand by my statement that no one can never beat Nihonggo IMO.  I just find it so hard to learn how to listen and imitate Korean words.  Heck, I can’t even remember Korean names!

So, last week, the first day of classes started.  Not once did I feel sleepy.  It’s a bit cliche but it’s true– if you really love something, no matter what happens, you don’t lose interest in it that easily.  No wonder how I always feel so sleepy all day at work and when I was still studying Engineering in college.  I’ve always been vocal that I’m not interested in it at all.

Anyway, I wanted to learn Japanese because I wanted to practice speaking as well.  I actually wanted to speak more than write but 1. It’s a terrible idea to study the language without knowing its alphabet and 2. Learning how to read the basics is heaps better than just talking, lol.  I need all the survival skills before September!

After watching too many jdramas and anime, you actually catch a little bit of the language.  On the first day alone, we ALL know how to greet in Nihonggo, how to introduce ourselves, etc. because we’ve heard it a thousand times before.  The difference tho is that we actually never talk to anyone using Nihonggo.  It still feels awkward to face my seatmate and say, “Konnichiwa, watashi no namae wa Marianne, desu.  Dozou yoroshiku onegaishimasu~~”. I hear this in my head perfectly but it’s a totally different scenario when in class.  I’m pretty embarrassed for myself and lack of social skills haha.

We were asked why we were interested to learn and what our hobbies are.  Most of them were because of work, some because of anime.  I told the prof (who is barely two years older than me, GAHD) that jdrama subs take a looong time before it was officially released and he laughed.  I told him my interests is focused on KPop and he was like, shouldn’t you be in the other class? LOL.  My friend said hers was too many to mention so it was fangirling in general and I can definitely feel the judgement from the prof haha.  It was a cute moment but I could feel  him cringe inside.  Haha!

Last Saturday was great, too.  I was so excited to go to class that I was 20 minutes early– something that I don’t normally do unless I am really excited about it.  We had a quiz and my mind went blank for a while.  Yikes, maybe I really am getting old, I find it super difficult to memorize stuff already! To think that I reviewed a bit every day just so I couldn’t forget it.

The class was three hours long and I was able to endure it, haha.  The first 1.5 hours is usually for speaking, grammar, and vocab.  The next 1.5 hours is for writing and we only have a 10-minute break for the whole period.  As of now, I already know 30 Hiragana characters and it is indeed amusing that I am now able to recognize some of it when Terrace House people post on their IGs. Haha!

Maybe I should study in advance, too… Can’t wait for the next eight lessons!

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  1. Been reading about this from your twitter and I’m excited for you! I had a friend who was studying the language then ended up being shipped to Japan for a week haha. Wish you all the best in your study!

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