Almost nine (?) weeks late but here’s a 2017 year-ender post! 😀

Barely three months into 2018 and I’m already exhausted. Haha. Must be because I finally have to work after a long Christmas vacation, celebrate Marvin’s birthday, go to family events, pay all my credit card bills, organize more files, etc. Another year, another list of to do’s.  I’ve been doing this for a while now, but I always fail to cross-out everything.  So instead of just listing all my resolutions for the year, I also made a list of last year’s highlights.  It’s the most eventful year I’ve had so far– I had so many firsts and I’m glad I took all those risks.  It may be shallow to some people, but I’m really proud of these little achievements.  LOL, I’m proud of just surviving the year, to be honest.

2017 highlights:

  • Taiwan 2017
  • Saw BTOB for the first time. Saw them again the second time a few months later.
  • Ryu Jun Yeol and Hyeri confirmed they are dating! My OTP! *_*
  • Stanned Seventeen
  • Diamond Edge in Manila
  • Seoul 2017
  •  Wore a swimsuit for the first time (without cover-ups whatsoever), posted it online for everyone to see, and felt proud and comfortable with my body
  • Took LOTS of photos AND videos.  Tried to edit videos, too! I have a youtube account btw, yay. Please don’t judge, I’m still learning.
  • Walwalan night with cousins! They were surprised I don’t get drunk easily.  I was shocked too.  I didn’t realize I have such high tolerance for alcohol.
  • Let go two of my friends.  If they didn’t want me in my their lives anymore, then I should accept that.  I’m not mad at them but I admit I still get sad sometimes.
  • Confessed.  Oh god, now that I remember what I did, I just want the world to swallow me whole.  HAHAHAHA
  • Tried to paint for the first time.  Really enjoyed this activity! We should have more dates like this in the future!
  • Got my UPLB Graduation Pictures.  Ha! Five years late! I look different– my hair isn’t black anymore, I don’t have braces on, I gained 10kg, etc.  Creys.
  • Celebrated my 28th *gasp* birthday
  • Became a bridesmaid for the first time!
  • Attended a Bridal Shower in yeaaars
  • Lost both of my blogs but I only managed to recover this one.  My fandom blog is up and running again but I lost around 30 posts and I feel upset just thinking about it.
  •  Didn’t complete my 2017 Reading Goal. But because I didn’t want to lose my reading streak on Goodreads, I lowered my reading goal and included more manga and manhwa, lol. Sorry I cheated.
  • Watched 83 movies. The last time I was able to watch 100 movies was 2014!
  • Watched 21 asian dramas. I’m sad because it felt like I could have watched more dramas if I had not dropped most of it.
  • First out of town trip with my high school roommates at Anvaya
  • Got a Serenity phone (Samsung Galaxy J7 Pro in Silver Blue!) for the Diamond Edge concert because I’m so extra (and I need to stop).  My iPhone 6 is acting up and I need a phone to take photos and videos of Seventeen!
  •  FINALLY cut my hair. 
  • Spent time with kids at Sto. Nino Bethany House before Christmas <3

2018 so far

  • Got a rose gold (Rose Quartz actually, I need to pair it up with my Serenity phone lol) iphone 7.  Of course I wanted to get the iphone 8 but I couldn’t afford it 🙁
  • Finally bought a camera for myself.  I have to stop spending so much money on gadgets, tho 🙁
  •  Went to Binondo for *legit* Chinese food
  • Marvin’s 32nd
  • Lola Nita’s first death anniversary
  • Pascuallab Lego-themed Kick-off
  • One OK Rock Ambitions Tour
  • Booked a trip to Japan this September!
  • Sleepover with college friends
  • Got a new hosting site for BOTH my blogs! GOODBYE, GoDaddy! I hate you!
  • Tried to learn Final Cut Pro X for video editing (also Marvin gave me a gorillapod and stabilizer :P)

2018 onwards:

  • See Seventeen again?
  • Travel to two countries, IF my budget permits
  • Travel to at least one local tourist spot
  • Take more photos AND videos
  • Learn how to bike
  • Organize my files because I have a lot, it’s crazy
  • SAVE.  I’ll turn 30 next year and if I don’t want to end up living on the streets, I might as well do something about it RIGHT NOW
  • Watch more jdramas
  • Read at least 12 books excluding manga and manhwa
  • Watch at least 100 movies
  • Lose weight (seryoso na! pero wala pa kong goal atm hahaha)
  • Update planner / mood tracker regularly

I learned so much last year– I learned to let go of people and things that made me miserable, I tried to forgive myself and the people who hurt me, and I exerted so much effort on making myself happier.  It’s not easy at all and I’ve been struggling until now, but hard work does pay off.  I’m not a risk-taker as well but last year, I challenged myself with so many things and I’m really proud of it, however small they may be.

Hopefully 2018 will be a happier, healthier year for me and my loved ones.  I have to fully accept that I cannot do everything alone and I need to rely on others sometimes. And to give back, I hope I can make them feel that they can count on me, too.

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