Second time to watch One OK Rock Live! First time was in January 2016, just after a few days after our Taiwan trip and I still couldn’t process everything 😛 Back then, I only knew them for a few months when a friend recommended their songs.  I watched their Yokohama concert videos and instantly got hooked.  Ticket prices were not that expensive so I decided to watch.  So glad I did!

Admittedly, I don’t follow them as much as I follow KPop / JPop groups that I like.  I just listen to their songs and I really appreciate their live performances.  But I don’t know much about them to be honest- like I’m not sure about the meanings of the songs, or even know the English lyrics.   The whole JRock scene is so new to me albeit being a fan of almost everything Japanese during my teenage years.

Fast forward to the present, I was not a huge fan of their new album.  Almost all of the songs are in English and my ears are so used to their Japanese songs already.  But you know what, during the concert, I felt so bad that I didn’t get to review the songs because I wasn’t able to sing with the crowd especially that almost everything is in English!  Also, Taka’s voice is just pure heaven.  I don’t think I will miss it if ever they come back again.

Anyway, head over here for photos and feelings  (lol) 😀 These are some of the screenshots from the videos I took.  Don’t worry, I put everything on private already.

Until next time, Tomoya, Ryota, Taka, and my love (Heee), Toru 🙂 See you soon!

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