This was supposed to be a ~Life Lately~ post but I realized there’s really nothing happening in my life worth sharing.  I’ve been reading random people’s happy lists lately and thought maybe I should make one for myself, too.  I am not in the happiest stage of my life right now so it would probably help if I list down things I should be thankful for and not dwell on things that make me miserable 🙂  I actually made one when the year started.

1. Dramas, dramas, dramas
I know I’m in a drama slump lately, but it still makes me the happiest. Haha.  It’s kind of pathetic that this is where most of my happiness comes from, but I can’t help it! I don’t go out much since most of my friends are busy with their own lives as well.  This sounds a bit sad but as long as I have something to watch, I’m good.  Life can catch up later.

2. I made a facebook page for this blog
Finally had the courage to do it! I’m still suuuuuper embarrassed because I’ve never been comfortable knowing that other people can read what I wrote.  But, if I don’t do the first step, I’ll be stuck forever. I’m not a writer and grammar isn’t exactly my strongest suit but I believe I’m a pretty good story-teller in real life. Haha.  I can’t say the same for my blog posts tho! That’s why I practice! 😛

3. My skin is getting better and my hair is a little lighter
You have no idea how much this makes me happy.  I’m not (yet) following the 10-step Korean skin care but I will, soon.  I just made sure that I stick to my skincare routine every morning and every night.  My pimples are almost gone now! As for my hair, I had it colored (again) but sooner or later I’d go back to black.  Dark roots are starting to stress me out to be honest.

4. Dress-up Fridays at work
It’s our company’s anniversary month last May so one way to celebrate is by dressing up every Friday.  We had four themes: Tropical, Crayola, Anything that starts with the Letter P (for Pascuallab), and Sporty Attire.  It’s a solo and a group competition, by the way.  And I won the solo category for Week 2: Crayola HAHAHA.  What’s funny is that we were assigned the color Black and the clothes I wore were my normal clothes.  Black is such an easy color too so I’m not sure if I deserved the “award” but it made me happy, so yay! Dressing up is one of the few things I enjoy ever since 🙂 I won a Php 200 worth of Serenitea gift card for this.

5. I found a free hosting site for my fandom blog
I’ve been stressed out because my fandom blog got deleted.  I don’t want to rant anymore (because that’s what I’ve been doing for the past two months since it happened) so lucky me, I found a new host! I’d probably spend a lot of time on it just so I can bring my old posts back.

6. My cousin’s wedding is on Friday!
I thought I was a bridesmaid until yesterday. Haha. It will be my first time if ever and I’m really excited. But I’m one of the secondary sponsors (candle) so that’s not so bad. I’m really happy for Ate, too! But I have a big problem: my cousins and I haven’t booked a HMUA for Friday yet. Huhuhu. Also, this reminds me, I haven’t finished the blog post for her bridal shower, lol.

My cousins are going to Korea this November (Autumn!!! ♥) and luckily, Cebupac had a seat sale so I booked right away 😛 I’m in the same flight with my cousins who booked half a year ago! I’m turning 28 this year and my parents still won’t allow me to travel with Marvin alone (huhuhuhu) but this will do.  As long as I’m going to Korea!!! Heee.

8. I will probably see BTOB for the second time this year
SJ Entertainment still sucks (and I felt like we were scammed, that’s almost Php10k) but PH organizers got BTOB for another concert this year.  Since they will be performing with several groups, I might not purchase VIP tickets but at least I’ll see them again! I miss Sungjae and the rest of the boys.

9. Summer Outings
I’ve only been to two beaches this year: Camaya Coast and White Rock (I know I know, I’m working on it :P) and I felt like it wasn’t enough.  I love swimming (pools >>> beaches)! Summer season may already be over but the weather is still hot every single day so, more swimming, please!

10. I gained new friends in the office
Pascuallab has been my home for almost three years now and although I know almost everyone (in the main office.  The plant is huuuge and I suck when it comes to names), I don’t have a lot of “friends”.  What happened last January and May were both eye-openers for me so I’m glad that because of it, I was able to talk to people I haven’t had the chance to be with before 🙂

I still have a lot of things to be thankful for but most of them are too petty (I’m shallow all right), some of them are too materialistic (no shame), but as long as it makes me happy and it doesn’t make others feel uncomfortable, then I guess that’s all right 😀

Maybe I’ll challenge myself and make this a monthly thing? 🙂

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