May 28, 2017

We did something a little different– Marvin and I tried to paint for the first time, haha! When my cousin did this a few weeks ago, I said I want to try it out for myself as well.  She told me how hesitant she was at first because she didn’t have any ~artistic skills~ but what’s funny is that she ended up enjoying the activity a whole lot more than her boyfriend.  Her artwork turned out good, too! 🙂

I’ve always been frustrated because I have no talent (not self-pity, but this is sadly true)–or at least there’s nothing I excel at.  I can sing and dance, and I used to draw and/or design… But I’m not great in any of those.

When we arrived at Sip and Gogh (as in Vincent Van Gogh, witty!) Ayala Heights, I was both excited and scared. It was exciting since Marvin and I rarely do other activities besides the usual movie and dinner dates.  Scared because like what I mentioned, I have no talent whatsoever.

It was so hot that day and we almost backed out but I’m glad we didn’t!  I made no appointments prior to this so I was praying that there were still slots left. Good thing it wasn’t fully booked when we got there.   The activity lasts for 3 hours and luckily, we arrived before 5 in the afternoon because the next session would be 8pm-11pm already.

We almost didn’t touch the food! They have wine and cheese, crackers, soda, juice, etc.

Since it would be a first for both of us, the staff were very friendly in assisting us.  We were asked to choose what we wanted to paint. If we brought a sample, that would be okay too as long as it is doable within the three-hour time frame.  I had no idea we can bring our pegs so we chose from their artworks instead.

Because I am that predictable, I looked for paintings where pink is the main theme.  I didn’t find any except cherry blossoms-themed artworks.  After going through everything, I found the perfect one for me.

I kind of regret it tho, because it was too complicated for someone like me, haha! The details were tedious but Kuya Carlo (the one assisting us throughout the activity.  He’s cute too–VERY IMPORTANT) was kind enough to guide me step by step.  I had to re-do a lot of things lol.  I just laughed to hide my embarrassment :))

Marvin was so much better than me and I hate it because I’m competitive, haha.  I remembered the first gift he gave me was a drawing of a rose for my 22nd birthday.  He draws well and he’s really talented but I’m not sure if he knows.
He finished way before I did and he even gave me tips because I was still laughing nervously and didn’t know what I was doing more than half the time, haha.

I’m obviously copying the design in the background– that one’s more pink while mine is more violet. I have my own version, so… Ssssshhh 😛

Panicking and struggling.  I haven’t painted the cat yet!

Marvin’s painting looks so much better in person, it looks exactly the same as the design it was copied from!

Tada! I’m proud mine turned out pretty well 🙂 Right? Riiiiight?

Wacky kasi dapat!!!

When I arrived home, I proudly showed this to my family and they were a bit shocked (which is a good thing, yeah?) that I painted this.  I looked for a blank wall and tried to hang my painting.  My Mom, being the savage that she is:

Me: So Ma… San po natin ‘to ididisplay sa bahay? (HAHAHAHA SORRY NA)
Mommy Rina: Ay, wag diyan! (sa sala) Sana ginawa mo yung sa Korea!
Me: Cherry blossoms? Yan nga po yun, gabi lang!
Mommy: Ah talaga ba? E yan ba yung sa Bohol?
Me: TARSIER?!?!?! Grabe pusa po kasi yan HUHUHUHU ???

Anyway, ang chaka ng signature ko.  Ang hirap magsulat gamit brush, no.


Grabbed this picture from their facebook page so you can imagine the set-up 🙂

There was a newly-engaged couple who painted with us.  The groom painted the bride and the bride painted a caricature of the groom.  They were assisted by the Sip and Gogh staff but they were not allowed to see the paintings while they were doing it.  It was super cute and they looked like they had loads of fun as well.  You may view the gallery here! 🙂

I hope that through this post, you will be convinced and try to paint.  It’s a fun activity whether you’re with friends, your boyfriends/girlfriends, or even with kids! There were kids with us and some of them had better paintings than the adults, lol. Beginners are very much welcome!

As for the price, it’s Php 1,000 per person 🙂 Pretty expensive but totally worth it! It’s like you bought a painting but you actually painted it yourself.  Bragging rights! 😀 I’d come back for sure because there are still so many designs I want to try next~ Ha.

Sip & Gogh Ayala Heights
Capitol Hills Dr, Matandang Balara, Quezon City, Metro Manila
(02) 961 1248
Monday (closed); Tuesday - Friday (4PM-11PM); Saturday - Sunday (10AM-11PM)

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