I’m definitely not a summer person– I sweat easily and often get migraines from too much brightness of the sun. Living in a tropical country has always been one of my frustrations because I can’t stand the heat. HOWEVER, I like swimming way too much to leave.

When it was officially announced that we have no work on April 28, I immediately told my family that we have to book asap for the long weekend. My brother’s schedule is a mess (he’s juggling jobs and school, edi ikaw na) so we confirmed too late. The day before the trip I was frantically calling every resort I can think of but all of them are fully bo​oked​​​​. By 6pm, I gave up already. I asked help from my father because I wasn’t able to book any resort and/or hotel. Good thing he has friends everywhere (clients, mostly. My father’s a veterinarian :P) and we were lucky someone offered us help. Haha. Yayyy, I’d be so pissed if this outing didn’t push through!

Special thanks to our sponsors, heh.

We​ left before 6 in the morning and ate at Jollibee-Morong​, Bataan​. We were greeted by one of my Dad’s friends and they led us to Camaya Coast. I was so eager to swim because the weather was too hot. There were no locker rooms and tables left but luckily, we got a hotel room for free, haha. *connections connections* As soon as we changed clothes, we noticed that the hotel room had a pool outside! LOL so of course we ended up in the swimming pool instead of the beach because it was too hot– it was around 11 in the morning.

My brother got bored because the pool was a bit warm (the whole pool was exposed under the sun) and my Mom has sensitive skin. Apparently, I’m the only one who loves swimming in this family??? After we showered, we ate at Max’s for lunch and went back to the hotel room for a nap. I set the alarm at 4PM so we can head to the beach before sunset.

When we got out, it was still too hot even though it’s almost 5 in the afternoon We had a mini photoshoot (again) and enjoyed the beach afterwards. It was cleaner than I thought, and the sand wasn’t as dark as the previous beaches in Bataan I went to. It was low tide, though. The water was too shallow even though we’re about a feet away from the allowed area. LOL. There were inflatables but we didn’t go because it looked awfully tiring.

Random: This is the first time I wore a swimsuit on the beach, without any cover-ups, whatsoever.  This is also the first time I asked someone to take a picture of me just wearing a swimsuit and the first time I posted something like this on my SNS.  I would love to talk about confidence and self love and body positivity but we’ll get back to that on another post in the future 🙂

I was trying to figure out the time lapse feature on my camera but I failed big time 😛 Plus the sunset dragged much longer so before the sunset, we got out. I don’t want to swim in the ocean, in the dark. It makes me think of unpleasant, creepy things. *shivers*

Time to check out of the hotel! Since the owner (?) was kind enough to rent us his room, we’re too shy to stay there overnight, haha. My father’s friend reserved a room for us in The Oriental, which is about an hour away from Camaya Coast. I’ll talk about it in my next post 🙂

I enjoyed this trip so much and thankful it pushed through. My father is too busy with work all the time but we’re extremely lucky he always makes time to be with us despite his crazy schedule 🙂 I can’t wait to be back! I heard there is an infinity pool there somewhere, I didn’t even see it. Next time, next time 🙂

Camaya Coast

Reservations operating hours:
Mon-Fri 8AM to 6PM | Sat-Sun 8AM to 5PM

Hotel - roomsreservation@camayacoast.com
Day tour - daytourreservation@camayacoast.com
 (63) 917 6CAMAYA or (63) 917 5CAMAYA

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    1. Hi Sharon, I’m not sure if there are other pools in the area but I agree with this! 🙂

      Hope you find resorts here in the Philippines that are more suitable for you~

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