February 02, 2017
Circuit | Makati

I just came back from Taiwan and I was a bit hesitant to go because I was really tired πŸ™ But we already paid for the tickets and it would be a waste if I pay Php 1,200 and not show up.  So I did.  I almost got late because of the heavy traffic in Makati.  As much as I missed the place, whenever I go there and get stuck in traffic, I’m glad I decided to stay in Quezon City.

Anyway… The show hasn’t even started and yet I feel gloomy.  I was looking for my love, Pepe Herrera, but didn’t see him.  The second the male lead stepped on stage and when I saw it’s not Pepe, I couldn’t concentrate.  In my mind, I paid quite a huge amount of money and even traveled as far as Makati and probably couldn’t go home because it will finish late and yet… no Pepe? :'( Oh well.  Since Rak of Aegis (I watched it 3 times with Pepe as Tolits in all three shows), I declared I was and will always be one of his biggest fans.  Since then, I try to follow all his projects.  My heart swells with so much pride when he got the role as Benny in FPJ’s Ang Probinsyano. I was overly excited to watch him in theater again.


But they didn’t release the schedules of the actors and of course, I respect that.  I’m just sad.  Also, I’m not saying that the male lead is anything short of amazing, because he is! Vic Robinson even sounded like Ebe so that’s a plus! He’s pretty cute too, like Joseph Marco-cute πŸ˜›

I did not expect too much but I was still a bit disappointed…? One of my friends told me she liked this better than Rak and I’m like ?????? WHY. It’s not comparable, mind you, but the level of enjoyment differs by leaps and bounds to me.  It was dubbed as the One More Chance of theater so I was supposed to like it, right?  Then I remembered, I didn’t love One More Chance as much as the others (#TeamStartingOverAgain).  The female lead’s voice is too shriek-y for my taste and I liked the second female lead better.  The songs were so, so good tho that I’m still listening to the OST until now.  It wasn’t ugly, far from it, but I’m not on the edge of my seat and clapping and cheering.

Maybe I need to watch the third run… Hopefully, with Pepe this time around.

My friends kept on tagging me on twitter and facebook whenever they see / hear news about Pepe and it makes me all kinds of giddy β™₯

Because of the Pepe Herrera withdrawal, I watched Sakaling Hindi Makarating as soon as it started showing in cinemas πŸ˜€

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