Got my hands on the 2017 Design Your Life Planner! I’ve been eyeing this since last year (torn between this and the Bliss Planner because the pink binder is so pretty okay) and I finally decided to order one for this year.  I always purchase a planner every year and as much as possible, I try different brands 🙂 I may not be one of those who have the time and talent to create wonderful planner spreads, but at least this kind of planner makes me sort of creative compared to the ones I used before.

Take a look at the inside pages under the cut~ You can still buy one at CNS Designssome planners are currently on sale right now!

Follow @cnsdesigns and @blissplanner on instagram for inspiration, heee ♥

2 thoughts on “2017 Design Your Life Planner”

  1. That planner is soooooo cute! But I feel like I’ll be overwhelmed. I only bought a small weekly planner – just enough space para ilagay ung important stuff for the day. I’m trying to organize my life. Haha.

    1. It is! Plus the paper quality is really good. Pero yup I admit it can be overwhelming, April pa nga lang I can’t keep up na! Hahaha. I’m more used to simple planner pages kaya medyo lost ako. Haha! What planner are you using? 🙂

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