Something terrible happened today. For the past six months I’ve been so out of focus. I tend to cram and do so many things at once but to me, that’s normal– that’s just who I am. However, for the last half of the year, things got out of control. I experienced anxiety, depression, emptiness. Not sure what to call those feelings without being inappropriate but I do think I’ve had one of those and I needed (professional) help.

I tried so hard to look as cheerful and normal as possible but when I’m alone, it’s either a bunch of emotions come flooding in or there are days when I don’t feel anything at all. Usually I dismiss these thoughts but now that I think about it, it can actually be dangerous.

For half a year I kept every problem to myself because I feel like others didn’t care enough to listen. Or I’m too embarrassed to say all my thoughts out loud. Little did I know, it’s slowly killing me on inside.

Praying that tomorrow gets a little bit better.

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