I just discovered recently that facebook automatically (?) filters messages from people who are not your friends. Saw a tutorial on how to view those “spam messages” and I was surprised that I received several questions re: my Rarejob blogpost five years ago! Eep. I cringe. Haha, hello 21-year old self!

Anyway, I’ve always answered questions from anyone since tumblr days and I felt bad that I wasn’t able to answer all those messages years ago πŸ™ So, now that I have too much time in my hands, I’d be more than willing to answer all rarejob-related inquiries (based on my experience only of course :P) here. Heee. Most of them were explained in my old blog but feel free to ask anything. Btw, my brother worked for almost two years at Rarejob after he graduated from College so I can use him for reference as well.


  • You can work anywhere you want. You just need a stable internet connection and a laptop (or a tablet or a phone, it depends on you really), and you’re already set.
  • Minimum expenses. As far as I know my brother earned more money than I did for the past year. Haha. He only paid for the internet connection monthly. No travel allowance, meals are free at home, etc.
  • Your earnings depend on how patient you are, most especially on how much time you can spend teaching online. Since my brother used to be a DJ and he speaks English quite well, it’s very easy for him to communicate in English. But he still needs to study too as there were modules and lesson plans that rarejob tutors have to follow. So if you can manage your time properly (my brother taught at least 6 hours a day everyday!), there would be no problem with your salary πŸ˜‰
  • There are levels and benefits too. I have to verify this first but I think if you become one of the top tutors in rarejob, you get a special advantage of having to teach through chat only and not video call. I’m not sure how many hours in a month it is allowed tho.


  • You might have to sacrifice your social life. Especially if you’re just starting and you have no benefits yet, you cannot cancel your classes right away.
  • Lack of physical activity. Spending eight or more hours a day sitting infront of a computer is no joke πŸ™
  • Restricted benefits. Of course you can’t enjoy all the other benefits you can get from other companies but if you’re just a student looking for additional income or someone who just resigned from previous job and wanted to earn money while waiting, Rarejob is more than enough.

I’ll update this list as soon as I confirm the Rarejob process. Haha. Do let me know if you have questions πŸ™‚

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