February 14, 2016
Burgoo SM North EDSA The Block
Fortune Hong Kong Sea Food Restaurant Malolos, Bulacan

I usually spend my Valentine’s Day with my family every year even with Marvin around.  For the past few years, either he’s in another country for work, or he just didn’t bother? Haha, I am not so sure.  This year, I got to *celebrate* with both. To be honest, it bothers me that Marvin is not too keen on celebrating any special event, unlike me who has always been fond of celebrating even the smallest achievements.  It’s been almost five years and I’m still not used to it.  Bleh.  Me and my super duper high expectations.

Anyway, Mommy wanted to go to SM North and asked me and Tita Auggie to go with her.  I also asked Marvin to tag along.  We ate separately because Mommy and Tita Auggie wanted to go shopping and I just wanted to eat something delicious (and not KFC mygoodness).  There were so many people everywhere so we ended up at Burgoo because there were many available seats while Mommy/Tita Auggie ate at KFC :/

Ever since Marvin got his camera a few months ago, I haven’t had the chance to try it so I told him to bring the camera and teach me XD The pictures turned out really nice, especially since the place is well-lit! I love the food shots too, heehee.


Mozzarella sticks~ <3

This was taken using my iphone because I’m a stalker XD Kidding.  I just think the waiter looks a lot like Shunin so I took a picture.  Marvin even told me he can’t help but stare because he thought the guy’s good-looking.  Ha! Good taste. XD

Reminder: Rebond / Hair Treatment SOON.

After mass at Trinoma, we went straight to Fortune Malolos to eat dinner with Papa and Tito Derek.  It was like a triple date, heehee. <3

Waiter’s cute too! :3 What a day! *banana dance*


I always tell him to take selfies once in a while because he always looks awkward in pictures! Haha.  I take pictures of myself almost all the time (LOLOLOL) so I sort of mastered all my angles already 😛

Too much shrimp for the night!

Mirror shot haha

My brother wasn’t able to go home because of work 🙁 Hopefully next year we’ll get to eat in a different restaurant?  Haha, every event, my family always eat either in Fortune or Guilbert’s.  About time to try something new 😛

We were given a complimentary dessert and roses after dinner as well 🙂

Overall, it’s a pretty fulfilling day.  I admit I was expecting something more / different this time but looking at the bigger picture, I know I shouldn’t waste my time and energy for trivial things and just enjoy the moment.

It will take a while to get used to it soooo, yep, baby steps.

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