Hello everyone~! 😀 How was your weekend? 🙂 I haven’t finished backreading my tumblr dashboard yet and I’m so far behind T____T; I’m currently obsessed with Teen Wolf too~ LOL unrelated.  Anyway…

Another product review! ^_^v I’ve had this product for months already but I rarely use this.  And I’m not really sure if a lot of people are that familiar with HBC cosmetics so hopefully, this helps in introducing another local brand :3

Since I bought this months ago, I’m not so sure how much it costs.  Probably less than P150? I think it’s pretty cheap for a foundation so it won’t hurt if you decide to give it a try~ After all, lots of people have posted good reviews about this everywhere :p


The packaging is not that convenient to use since it is made of frosted glass.  It’s a little bulky and heavy if you always carry it around~ While doing this *review*, I kind of worry I’d drop and break the bottle because I’m super clumsy -_-’


When I was looking for a foundation, the salesperson from HBC recommended this to me.  There are no other shades available during that time so I was a bit hesitant to buy.  But she complimented me and said that I look ~maputi naman~ (fair enough? HAHA) soooo I got it right away. LOL! I believe people too easily T__T She also mentioned that it will eventually blend so there’s no need for me to worry about looking too white.

There are three other shades available (no names, just numbers. 01 being the lightest and 04 is the darkest) and based from other blog reviews, it’s quite easy to blend two shades to create the ~perfect~ shade to suit your skin tone 🙂



The product comes with a spatula which is good since it’s hygienic than having none at all.  I think the spatula is there to help “scoop out” the product and not apply it directly to the face.  I hope this picture justifies how liquid-y the product is.  I didn’t find it hard to blend, but I didn’t find it easy either.  You only need a small amount of the product to cover the whole face, but I find it a little bit sticky for my taste.


Huhuhu I shouldn’t have listened to the saleslady because it doesn’t suit my skin tone AT ALL.


After blending~ :O

Another reason I’m not a big fan of this liquid foundation is because of the smell! T_T Ugh, I’ve never liked products that smell like this! *cries* I can’t describe what specific smel it has, but it reminds me of Vanilla and I hate it.

Pictures of my face under the cut. Haha.


Taken right after I took a shower, so no makeup / cream / whatsoever. Ugh I hate my nose and large pores and I think I look better in braces rather than retainers.


After applying a layer of the liquid foundation~ My pores didn’t exactly *disappear*, but I think the only difference is that it evened out my skin color.  The only problem I have at the moment are my blackheads so I didn’t need to put concealer and my face still looks okay I guess?



Picture indoors with flash!!!

OMG I LOOK LIKE AN ESPASOL LOLOLOLOL. And look at the arrows pointing to my *natural* skin color.  Maybe I wasn’t able to evenly place the foundation on those parts and it looked incredibly awkward in flash photography T___T I wonder if it would still look like this if I got Shade 03?


After I put a layer of loose powder closer to my skin color~ 🙂

A few minutes later when I looked into the mirror, the whiteness of my face faded already but my Mom said that I still look whiter than normal which is NOT good! I’ve always wanted to wear makeup without making it too obvious.

I went out with Mommy and I came back four hours later.  It’s really hot outside and if you know me, you will not be surprised that I actually sweat a lot! T___T (Even if it’s not that hot, I still sweat so much on my face T___T) Aside from that, I have oily skin too.  Actually, that’s what made me try this liquid foundation since it claims on having a matte finish.


Well, oil control isn’t something that this product has.  Or maybe it just didn’t work for me the way it worked on so many bloggers with the same skin type? 🙁 After four hours, I still looked okay but my nose is too oily already.  I didn’t retouch, not even once.  I didn’t bother to use oil control film as well.


After two hours, I used blotting papers to remove the excess oil.  The liquid foundation is still there, but my skin looked and felt not as smooth already.  And with flash photography, my skin still looked unnaturally white.


I haven’t done this in my other product reviews but for others who are too lazy to read looong text posts, this is for you! HAHA.

What I liked:

  • Pretty packaging
  • Love that shades 01 and 03 are for yellowish skin tones; 02 and 04 for pinkish tones
  • Has Vitamins A, C, and E
  • Affordable
  • Quite easy to apply

What I didn’t like:

  • THE SMELL!!!!
  • Inconvenient to carry around~
  • Coverage is so-so

Maybe I expected too much because a lot of people LOVED this.  Well, I still think the Maybelline All-in-One Foundation works best on my oily skin ♥

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