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I’ve been wanting to share this product to all of you for quite a while now : Maybelline’s Clear Smooth All In One Shine-free Foundation <3 *whew*

Since high school I’ve always had this on-off relationship with face powders.  I love how they easily control the oils on my face BUT I hate how it’s tedious to apply (well at least for me, then).  Plus the puffs from the face powders I used before are not that good and some powders even broke me out.  I’ve never tried expensive foundations and powders (yet? T___T) so I can’t really compare. Haha! Some of the products I tried are from Johnson & Johnson, Pond’s, Myra E, and Clean & Clear.  So far, the only product I liked is the face powder from Myra E.

Last July I got the chance to try this foundation from Maybelline.  Because I just graduated and don’t have allowance anymore, anything above PhP100 looks expensive to me *cries* But of course, we all know that foundations are not as cheap as ~normal~ powder so this one is definitely a good buy! It costs PhP249 and the refills cost PHP149 🙂 I opted to buy the one with the mirror because it’s prettier and slimmer.  LOL.


It’s pink!!! :D<3 I also love the puff for some unknown reason D: Not a big fan of puffs like this one because it easily gets dirty!


After four months, this is how the compact looked like 🙁 It’s too messy because after just about a month, the powder crumbled already T___T I didn’t even drop the compact so I don’t know what the hell happened.  I’ve read some reviews and I think this is the number one problem with this products since most bloggers complain about it too.

However, I wrote a ~mini~ tutorial to fix broken powder! But who would want to do that every single time? Maybe the case isn’t sturdy enough for the powder?


(source. Forgot to take a picture of the box and I threw it already!)

As usual, cute packaging.  Though the name is too long I can’t even tell the whole name of the foundation if someone asks what I use! LOL.



Summary and (embarrassing) pictures of my face and skin under the cut :O Excuse my pambahayoutfit :))


Bare face (left) With powder, applied wet (right)

TADAAA~! *__* See how it transformed my whole face? I look (and feel) flawless right after. Haha!

Once again, I followed the advice of the saleslady and bought Shade 02 Nude Beige.  If I’m not mistaken, there are four other shades available: 01 Ivory, 03 Natural, 04 Honey, and 05 Sand Beige.  She said the Natural shade will make me look darker, so I ended up buying Nude Beige.  But she’s not really that knowledgeable with Maybelline products (she’s from Ever Bilena, I think? I bought this in Robinson’s department store btw) so next time I’d ask somebody who knows about these products better.  The compact’s almost empty so I’m going to buy one really soon.  Maybe the Natural shade will suit me more. I didn’t have any problems with this shade though.  I don’t think I look too white, and after a few minutes the color fades anyway.

This is REALLY embarrassing but here are close-up pictures of my skin.  I took the parts where it has blemishes.  I chose not to include my blackheads not only because it’s embarrassing but also really really gross T___T LOL


Without powder (left) with powder, applied dry (right)

I rarely apply this foundation dry but looked how it instantly evened out my skin and made the pores seem smaller! I love its coverage because it’s not too heavy on the skin.  I don’t use concealers so maybe for really red and/or big marks, you can use one 🙂 Also, notice how it made my skin look healthier (upper right part) because of how it minimized ugly pores.


Without (left) With foundation, applied wet (right)

Oh gawd this is probably the most problematic part of my face (aside from my nose of course) because since I started using Etude House Peach Tea Facial Foam, I noticed these red veins on my cheeks! I can’t seem to remove them even though I went back to my usual skin care routine.

Anyway, I know the picture does not make it too obvious but in person, the red veins are not so red anymore.  Gah. The pictures don’t give justice to this foundation! LOL. I swear it has a really smooth, flawless, finish.  And matte too! I love matte powders since I have oily skin~


Without flash (left) With flash (right)

So sorry for my abnormal face (right) HAHAHAHA. The flash hurt my eyes too much I can’t open them! LOL. These pictures were taken five hours after I applied the foundation (wet).  Of course there’s still excess oil but minimal.  I didn’t have to retouch, oil blotting papers are enough 🙂 Yesterday was really hot so I sweat a lot as well, but the powder didn’t seem to budge. Hohoho. I just stayed at home though.  If you go out then you might have to retouch, but for people with normal skin wouldn’t need to, in my opinion 🙂

Okay, hmm let’s see.  In summary,

  • Shine Control: Yes! I have oily face and it controls the shine for around three hours.  There are others that last for a whole day, but for this price, it did its job well.
  • High UV Protection: It has SPF 25, pretty high for a face powder.  I wouldn’t really know, would I? O_O
  • Instant Fairness: Well some of my friends told me I look fairer now… 🙂
  • Dark Spots Blend Away: Yes!
  • Long Lasting:  It can last for about half a day when you’re indoors. Haha.
  • Visibly Smooth Complexion: Yessss.  Skin looks super flawless especially if you apply it wet! I almost always apply it wet because it feels refreshing and the finish is prettier! It lasts longer too.
  • Conceal Blemishes and Pores: Yes.  Especially the pores *_* Big plus for me!
  • Tone Perfecting: I think so! 🙂 Not really ~perfect~ but it evened out my skin tone without my face appearing too white compared to my body.

Overall I love love love this product! Of course I would recommend this because it works very well for me and didn’t cause any problems.  BUT I did say earlier that the powder breaks easily and your bag might get too messy so be extra careful 😉

Hope this helps! 😛

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