Here’s a ~review~ of  the Ever Bilena Advance BB Cream from this haul 🙂

I’ve never tried any BB cream before so I think I’m missing out a lot! But almost all of the BB creams I’ve seen are too pricey and I don’t really know if it is really *that* good considering it’s one of the most popular beauty products today. Good job K-Pop stars for introducing this product to everyone :3 Haha!

Originally, I planned to buy the Maybelline BB Cream / Stick (P249 for 18mL) but the more natural color was out of stock 😐 I didn’t want to buy the lighter shade because my face might look too white compared to the rest of my body.  So I looked for another affordable BB cream and I happened to see this one.

Well… I have nothing against the brand but I’m not really a big fan since I think some of their products look like imitations of international brands.  Plus the packaging is not that good, ehhhh… I’m a big fan of cute packaging!!! :O Anyway, since I want to try bb creams so badly, I still got this in the end :)) Bought it for P195 at Watsons, pretty cheap for a 50-mL tube.


There is another variant of this product, the pink one, which is much lighter than this.  This shade is oriental and it specializes on whitening, while the other one is for anti-wrinkles (???). I asked two salesladies and they have different choices on what should I buy.  But I chose this because it’s a bit darker and looked more natural on my skin.


Like most BB creams I’ve seen, this one does not have a pump as well.  You can control the amount of cream that you have to use, compared to having a tube with a pump.  This one’s a little bit messy but I don’t really mind.


It looks lighter than my skin tone, but it blends in well a few minutes after. The cream is easy to blend and its consistency is just right in my opinion.  It does not smell bad too, smells just like a normal powder.

Hello no make-up face.


Notice the chickenpox scar on my cheek? I also have pimple marks on my chin.


After applying the BB cream.  Spot the difference? Haha.

I don’t think there’s any noticeable difference T___T I tried using this product alone and to be honest, I didn’t like it that much.  My skin is super oily, so after a few hours, my face starts to shine like crazy.  Don’t know why but I think this made my face look much more oily.  Or was it just my imagination? *____* Even if I put powder righ after, nothing happened.  Plus for those who have darker blemishes to hide, the coverage isn’t that good.  I still have to use concealer and I’m not a big fan of putting too many makeup products on my face.

This BB cream does not make your face feel heavy, but if you still have to use concealer, powder, etc., I guess the product isn’t doing its job.


Hello retainers.  Right after I blend in the BB cream, without and with flash!

Lalala~ I looked like a ghost on the right picture X_X My face looked better without the flash, obviously.  But my face doesn’t look like that in person! I have big pores and blackheads, and the product did not conceal that very well.  And because I took this picture just after I put it on my face, it looks okay, but it will look far from that a few hours later.

Overall, the EB Advance BB cream is actually not that bad! Huhuhu, I’m sorry for making it sound sooo bad.  It’s um, okay especially since it’s not expensive like most BB creams.  Maybe I just expected too much? Haha. And I’m not really into ~dewy~ looks because of my too-oily-face. I would’ve preferred if it’s a bit more matte 🙂

So to those who would like to try BB creams, this one is okay for beginners. We should support local products too,  you know 😉 It’s affordable and can be used better as a makeup base as well 🙂

Will continue to look for more BB creams! Heeee~ 8D What will you suggest? The Face Shop? Etude House? Leave your comments *below*! 😀

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