Hello, yup still alive.

I honestly have no idea why I still keep this blog when I barely have the time and energy to update it anymore.  I’ve been on and off blogs since 2004 (?), jumping from one blogging site to another.  Until one day I decided to purchase TWO domains– one personal and one for fangirling posts and now I haven’t updated both.  I still have the posts from all of my blogs from way way back (except for i.ph and tabulas which are now deleted, I think?).  I am too scared to search for them all I might die from all the embarrassment I used to share online PUBLICLY.

I used not to care about what people see / read about me back then but now that I’m older,  I want certain details about my life to be kept in private.  I STILL overshare a lot (if we’re mutuals on twitter, you’re probably sick of me already) on my social media accounts BUT I now choose who I want to share details of my life with.  Around the same time last year, I decided to customize who can see my posts and I’ve felt so much better since then.  I don’t feel judged anymore and if ever I do, it’s so easy to just remove them from the people who get to see updates about my life.  I kept my stories hidden to almost everyone at work (except for a few close friends), my family (except my brother and super close cousins), and people who I know are just unnecessarily nosy about my life but didn’t care about me at all haha.  For those who can still see my posts / stories and we’re not close / we don’t see each other often, well, it’s because I’d probably find you harmless OR we’re online friends since forever.  My online friends know more about me vs. friends I normally meet in real life lol.

I don’t think I’ll ever stop sharing even the smallest detail about my life because I’ve always loved documenting anything.  Nothing exciting really happens to me so if there’s just a little something, I’d post it.  Haha.  If my mutuals hate it, I assume they’d just automatically mute or block me and I would no longer care, haha.  IG stories and Twitter will always be my faves since it requires little to no effort (vs. blogs and youtube vlogs!) to document stuff about my life.  I tend to forget things quite a lot so I take lots of pictures and videos, post them, and share how I feel at that moment.  Looking back, I’m glad I did all these.  Most of the time I’d cringe, but it’s still worth it.

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