Ah, I hate how I always cram blogging about my trips but I’m really trying here.  I know it’s been nine months late but at least I have more Taiwan updates compared to my Korea trip more than a year ago? :/  Eep.

Anyway! We’ve been getting really cute comments on facebook and instagram that we have beautiful photos from our Taiwan trip 🙂 I feel giddy reading comments like that because I love taking photos and I’m lucky my friends were very cool about it.  I know several people who hate taking pictures of food or posing infront of the cameras and while I respect that, I hope they don’t get annoyed at me as well.  It’s just that photos are great to look back to and I’ve always documented my life for as long as I can remember–whether in writing or taking pictures.

The whole trip we were teasing each other to make our photos look ~aesthetic~.  We’d imitate fashion bloggers/vloggers just to get that ig-worthy shot.  We did have a lot of pretty pictures but there were so many bloppers, too!  We all love to take photos of what happens behind the cameras because it’s funny how we look serious doing it 😛

We were desperate to look for cherry blossoms even on the first day!

Ok so first of all, we obviously didn’t mind kneeling and sitting on the floor when taking photos 😛 I think, generally, Taiwan is a clean country and we’ve been doing this (sitting on floors, lol) since high school so it’s not that big of a deal.  I mentioned this because one Tita posted a comment telling us not to do it. Haha.

We had to shoot Taipei 101 and we couldn’t fit the whole building in the frame at all XD

Me trying to get that shoefie because Jenny’s boots matched the golden falls 🙂

This is how we usually set up our cameras.  We use my Canon M10 mainly for videos and ~official~ photos (loool) but when we just take random selfies / groufies, we just use our phones.  Samsung takes amazing selfies, btw! (Shame on you, iPhone huhu).

I had to say this too because people might misunderstand and think that we didn’t enjoy because we were taking photos and videos a lot.  I don’t really feel that way because like what I mentioned earlier, I love doing it.  Also, it might look like we were on our cameras the whole time because the videos made it seem like it but it’s not! Actually I took 10 seconds max worth of video per place (unless something interesting’s happening!) we visited.  Most of our time was spent eating and talking, just so you know 😉  No one asked but I just wanted to share it with you all 😉 I’m all for living in the moment AND taking pictures at the same time!

It’s cute how we got pictures from all angles and perspectives lol

Because there were only four of us (boyfriends not allowed…yet. HAHA), we had no choice but to abuse the self-timer if we want to have photos with all four of us present.

Trying to get the perfect shoe shot!

Probably my favorite among the bunch :3 Hehe.  We even had to get a chair just to get that perfect shot! Since Lily is the tallest and the picture would look best if taken from a higher angle, she had to stand on a chair just for this XD It was a bit windy so the chair was shaky and I was a bit scared she’ll fall so I assisted her.  I didn’t notice Jenny took a photo of this moment ❤︎

We only used the camera remote on the fourth day, sigh.  Why didn’t I think of it sooner?!?! We used the camera remote so we got pretty decent group shots 😉

Ending this with another good picture! Photo-ception! So many layers happening in this photo, I love it! ❤︎ As usual I didn’t notice it until Glaiza pointed it out 😉

So basically that’s what happened behind-the-scenes.  It looks complicated and tiring but I think we all enjoyed it 🙂 It was our first out-of-the-country trip together so this was a really huge achievement for us! Good thing we were able to preserve the memories through photos and videos.


Aaaaand here’s a compilation of our four-day Taiwan trip! I’m quite proud of it because I got the hang of using my Canon M10 camera for videos 🙂 My Korea vlog was SUPER shaky but now I kinda got the technique 😛

I originally planned to use a TwPop song but I couldn’t cut the clips shorter 🙁 Mind you, this was originally 60+ minutes long, heee.  I had to reduce it to around 5 minutes to make it less boring because I didn’t exactly record the audio.  I mean there was an audio, but it’s just us laughing and talking non-stop about random things in the background 😉

I’ll still write about the places we’ve been to so I hope you read those as well! Here’s the video for now.  I’m still a newbie in video editing and while there are many special effects in Final Cut Pro, I decided to make it as simple and clean as possible.  I hope you all like it 🙂


To read more about this trip, click here ❤︎

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