Not sure if I mentioned this already but I was the one responsible for our South Korea itinerary.  So I hope you wouldn’t be *that* surprised if you see a lot of fangirling on my posts and well, for this post…. Hello Kitty 😉

We booked this via Klook because I heard the lines get pretty long sometimes.  AND I forgot my money.  And I meant ALL of my money so I had to rely on my credit card (and Ate Ria and Rica).  Huhu, a year after and I’m still so sorry that it happened because I’m stupid.

ANYWAY.  So yup, we booked the N Seoul Tower and Hello Kitty Tour.  We planned on going to another palace but it got really cold.  We just went back to Myeongdong, lol. (Window) Shopping is life 😀

The Hello Kitty Museum was nothing special but it was all sorts of adorable.  My high school self is super thrilled to be surrounded by too much pink and Hello Kitty :3

When we finished our mini tour and head out for lunch, I looked for my camera and it was NOT in my bag.  Heck, that wasn’t even MY camera but Marvin’s! I panicked and ran out of the restaurant and went back to the Hello Kitty museum.  As soon as I get there, I told the guard that I left my camera inside and she told me to just enter without questioning why I didn’t have a ticket whatsoever.  Then I saw one of the employees holding my camera and she’s thankful I got it back because she doesn’t know how to return it to me.  Turns out I left it under my jacket when I removed it but when we got out, I only took my jacket with me and left the camera there.

Look at this cutiepie! So thankful for her! Funny because we took this selfie BEFORE our Hello Kitty Tour and *surprise*, she was the one who returned my camera.  Gahd, I love Korea.

By the time we were done, we walked around N-Seoul Tower.  There weren’t a lot of stores and ~tourist spots~ so we just took pictures.

But of course, we couldn’t miss the Love Locks! Hahaha.  It was so cheesy, I can’t help but cringe even while typing this.

We all bought one for ourselves.  Haha, I pity the poor boyfriends, they had no choice now 😉 Heehee.  We captured the *locking* on videos but it was kinda embarrassing…

Still wondering how and why a paddle got there… But the handwritings… can I conclude this was done by Filipinos? LOL.  Why would you bring a wooden spoon?!?! It’s so weird and funny at the same time lol.

So yup, we locked love locks and sat on the love couches, ugh.  Actually, the whole place was super romantic and it would be nice to have the boyfriends with us.  We were video calling them the whole time because South Korea is like a fluffball and you can’t help but get really cheesy and romantic once you’re there.  It still feels out of character for me doing all those things but it was fun teasing each other.  LOL.

It was still so cold out, look at the snow and it was supposed to be autumn!

We also passed by Chungmuro and I had goosebumps because I remember Ryu Jun Yeol ;___:

View from N-Seoul Tower.  Heh.  The view’s prettier in Taipei 101, jsyk.

We bought matching masks! It was below zero when night came and I couldn’t feel my face anymore.

I wish I took a better picture but the tower looks beautiful at night.  We got out around 6 in the evening and just went out to eat dinner and do some window shopping and strolling after.  Nothing much happened that day except for this but it’s all right.  I would recommend going at the tower around lunch until after sunset but make sure you made plans in the morning and after the tour too so you’ll make the most of your day 😉


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