Holy sssshhhh, this is my last year in my 20s! I can’t believe it, huhu. Potek, wala na ko sa February, buti na lang may leap year. LOL. I’ve always loved birthdays but I didn’t prepare anything special this year.  Heck, even my yearly wishlist was rushed.

My birthday fell on a Saturday so I woke up late.  And maybe I’m too sentimental but I kind of missed the days when people used to text / call you at midnight just to greet you on your birthday.  But now, if facebook isn’t around, I’m not sure if my family and friends will still remember 🙁 I never turn the notification off on facebook because I’m afraid the people closest to me will forget and I’ll just end up sulking, haha.  What a way to start my day.

I had no plans whatsoever except to celebrate mass with my family and have dinner with them and my closest friends.  We had mass at Trinoma and coincidentally, it was the first anniversary of the Mary Mother of Hope Parish so there were a lot of people.

Afterwards, we went to Vertis North because I wanted to eat Thai food.  We went to Thai BBQ Original Restaurant.  I didn’t take so many pictures of our food because we were all hungry already, lol.

Just in case you haven’t noticed (lol), the three of us lost weight! Weeee~ 😀 I mentioned here that one of the reasons why I started working out was because of these two.  I’m so happy that even though we don’t work out together, we still encourage each other! We’re actually planning to attend classes in the future :3 And of course all of us love eating so that’s another motivation to hit the gym, right? 😉

Always so awkward. We don’t get to celebrate our birthdays together often so I’m glad that he chose to be with me this year.  *sniffs*

This was taken a day after my birthday when Tita Judith gave me a birthday cake.  I told my mom that no one sang happy birthday to me, or gave me a birthday cake and I didn’t even blow a candle.  As I grow older, the pettier I get, I guess 😛 So we lit a candle and my mom sang a birthday song and I made a wish.

Writing this here because I don’t want to forget it in the future… Something happened the day before my birthday and I cried my heart out.  I was sad and hurt and I felt betrayed but… it just happened.  I accidentally read hurtful things someone said about me when I least expected it, especially from that person.  More than a week later, I still feel bitter and miserable but I know I have to be stronger.  I chose not to remember anything related to it and although I have moments, I try to shrug it off and think happy thoughts.

So my wish for this year (and every night, actually) is for the people I love and for the people who love me to be happy.  Happiness isn’t something that we can get easily, I know that.  But as long as we’re all happy, healthy, and safe, I’m fine with that.  I cut off a lot of connections and finally let go of some of family and friends.  I used to not let go of anything, even material things, so now I want to pat my back for a job well done 😀 Sometimes, you really have to do that.


So yup… Here’s to my last year in my 20s! I’m half-scared half-excited to turn 30 next year.  As long as I don’t *look* 30, I’m super okay with that 😉

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