In my first two trips in Taiwan, we were not able to go to themed restaurants.  We just ate wherever we wanted and didn’t bother to look for popular places to eat. I was in charge of the itinerary this year so I made sure to include these restaurants because I’ve always wanted to go to both these places.

First destination is Modern Toilet in Xi Men Ding.  It’s a pretty popular place that you always find in Taiwan blogs and vlogs because honestly, how and why would you think of poop as a theme? -_-” LOL.  Maybe it’s just me, but I’m extremely uncomfortable with poop talk and toilet humor.  But my dentist suggested that I should go since I wasn’t able to do so when I went to Taiwan twice.  So I finally did.

It was easy to find since it’s just around Xi Men Ding night market.  A huge toilet design outside the building is impossible to miss out.

There’s also a toilet as soon as you enter the building.  I didn’t want to look because I might throw up.  It looks real and I haven’t even eaten yet.

But once you get inside (there are three floors!!!), it’s better than I thought.  Good thing everything’s in pastel colors! These are customized toilet seats, you can even lift the cover if you want.  It’s not shown in the photo but under the table are wash basins with toy poop in it 😛

Our food was served in toilet-like containers, too.  We even ordered one glass of iced tea in a (i’m not sure what it’s called!) urinal-like container.  It’s weird, yup. The food tasted okay but being the cheapskate that I am, maybe 280 NTD (around Php 500)  is just okay for a meal, a drink, and ice cream as dessert.  Of course, the ice cream had to look like poop, too!

Inside the huge urinal. Hahaha, even the walls have bathroom-like tiles!

Final verdict: Didn’t like the food so we basically paid just for the photos.  I think it’s super expensive for its taste but for the experience, I guess it was okay.  Maybe I’m not coming back here again, heh.


Next stop: PS BubuMy Taiwan trip wouldn’t be complete without a little fangirling on the side.  We went to National Taiwan University in 2016 and Our Times filming locations in 2017.  This time, we went to PS Bubu, Dao Ming Si and Shan Cai’s date place in Meteor Garden! Sorry friends, I just had to 😛

We enjoyed the vintage-like feeling of the place, the pastel colors, the small cars as tables and chairs, and most especially, the food.  It’s more expensive than Modern Toilet because the pasta is around 260 NTD without drinks.  But it’s worth it! We took a lot of pictures around the place 🙂

Haha, this is one of my favorites! We really laughed out loud when we saw this photo XD

The owner is really nice, too! She speaks english well and takes good photos.  She even changed angles to capture pictures 😛 It’s just a bit funny that she gave us directions and recommendations, in a tone similar to how you talk to kids 😀 We all felt that she thought we were underage because she was super worried why we were out late at night.  Ha, couldn’t blame her 😛


Taiwan is great if you love to eat and try out different types of food.  Restaurants like these are cute especially if you love to take pictures but if you want to eat reaaally good food, there are much much better places that offer more delicious cuisines worth your money 😉  Heck, you can even find good food even in food carts around Taiwan.  I would suggest you try legit Taiwanese street food because IT’S THE BEST.


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3 thoughts on “Taiwan Spring 2018 : Modern Toilet and PS Bubu”

  1. Hi, this article is really helpful for those who love to go on a tour or on a road trip to Taiwan. The experience of your this tour provides some information which is beneficiary. One more thing to add that this restaurant is really different from others. Thank you.

  2. Gusto ko yung dentist mo ang nagsabing go ka na sa toilet restaurant haha! Hindi ko rin sya masyadong bet kasi ang dami nga nagsasabi na pang picture taking purposes lang sya. Pero nagenjoy ako sa PS Bubu, super helpful nung girl na mayari!

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