Yay, Day 3!  You can find the first two days here and here 🙂

This batch is a bit gloomier than the first two photo sets because it was raining. We took lots of photos but as usual, I wouldn’t be posting it here so you can enjoy the scenery and not our faces 😛

Jane and I already went here last year at National Taiwan University— where some scenes from Meteor Garden were shot.  Saw a field of flowers and had a mini photoshoot 😛

So gloomy (but I swear it’s much prettier in person)! Here is last year’s visit to NTU.

Autumn vibes 🙂

I wish I knew how to ride a bike 🙁

Is it odd that I like cities more?  Tall buildings and busy streets actually make me happy as long as I can still breathe fresh air unlike here in Manila.  Haha.  For me, Taipei is perfect because it’s a clean, low-key city but still has this amazing display of culture.

Because we’re huge fans of the movie, Our Times, we planned to go to the filming locations of the movie as well.  BUT, since it’s Chinese New Year, everything was closed.  HUHUHUHU.  It wasn’t easy to find these places so of course we were disappointed.  We went to both the cafe and the library but both were closed.  We didn’t try to look for the skating rink / park anymore 🙁

We went to Tamsui right after because we wanted to see the Fisherman’s Wharf at night.  Sadly, I had no pictures because it was raining! Ate Elaine and Jane took photos (and a lot of Boomerangs :P) tho because they had waterproof phones.  Now I really want the S7 Edge, lol.  It felt like less than ten degrees because of the seaside wind (and I was wearing a skirt, good job!) so the coffee we bought turned ice-cold even before we reach the middle of the bridge! We decided to head home because we were already soaked.

It’s a bit early so we stopped by Shilin Night Market to eat 😀

Corner with Love!!! Sadly, I didn’t get to try their food.  This must be the famous omelette shown in the drama, lol.

The guy in blue looks like Sungjae so I sort of stalked him, hehe.

Meh the shirts were too expensive.

Huuuuge bread

Baby Jun Pyo! So cute!

Why I took pictures of these things, I’m not so sure either 😛

Junghwan’s shoes in Reply 1988! Of course I want one, too.

Ah, so this is the XL Chicken people were gushing about.  It’s huge and I don’t think I can finish all of it 🙁

I swear these ref magnets are overpriced.  Didn’t even buy one for me. Haha.

I was torn which one to buy but ended up buying the Ryota Miyagi one.

It was crowded so I’m not sure how Jane was able to capture this picture, hehe.  Oh and I kept thinking how safe it was to travel around with a backpack without having to worry about my stuff getting stolen.  In the Philippines, I’ve never walked in public wearing my backpack this way, I always put it in front of me.  I’m that paranoid. LOL.

Just one more day and I’m finally done with this! 😀 One more set and I can finally move on and look forward to my next trip 🙂

Day 3 Itinerary : National Taiwan University | Our Times Filming Locations | Fisherman’s Wharf at Tamsui | Shilin Night Market

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