Can’t believe I’m already 28 today.  For the past three years, I was in denial that I’m still young since I’m just in my mid-20s but now I felt like an adult.  Officially.  Which isn’t good because I didn’t want to be one.  *runs away from responsibilities*

Kidding aside, I’m grateful for every day.  Not many people have the privilege to reach this age, especially with the current situation of the Philippines.  So I’m extremely blessed and lucky to be alive and healthy.


I usually don’t file birthday leaves on my birthday because we always eat out anyway and I want to receive gifts.  And as much as I want to celebrate, I’m short on funds and thinking about what to do lately stresses me out.

For lunch, I ate out with my new-found merienda friends who happened to share similar interests with me.  They are Potterheads (yaaas!) and Game of Thrones fans (will keep up soon, I promise!) so I enjoy discussing all sorts of stuff with them 🙂

We celebrated the Holy Mass at the office since September 1 was a holiday and today, Mama Mary also celebrates her birthday.  As soon as I saw my desk, I felt super happy because there was a cake with my nickname on it.  SCM-Purchasing never failed to surprise me / us every year for our birthdays and this day was no exception.  I was so happy they put Yani on my cake because only a few people call me by this name.  I love it because it feels close to home– a feeling that I’ve always felt in Pascuallab for almost three years now.  For that, I’m very thankful 🙂

I had dinner with my parents because Dom couldn’t come because of work.  I invited my highschool roommates as well.  We ate at Hukad because I don’t think they’ve eaten there.  But I already did several times and I enjoyed the food, heee.

Jenny arrived late due to horrible traffic (which gets worse every year! There’s always heavy traffic on my birthday ugh) so we just went to Tokyo Bubble Tea for dessert / milk tea while we gossip talk.

Jolo, one of our Pisay batchmates, was also there unexpectedly.  So here’s a very awkward picture from the five of us.  We were smiling but cringing at the same time, haha.

After dinner, Lily and Glaiza came with us.  We had to visit Glaiza’s Mom at home and I realized how much I/we miss Glaiza’s room! Hopefully our plans this year and next year will finally push through 🙂


That’s it! It was a looong and tiring day.  Full photos and videos are already on my facebook and instagram so no need to bore you with my face again.  Oh and Marvin greeted me a happy birthday but after a month, I’m not so sure how to react already 😛

Thank you Lord for twenty-seven long years! Ha, 28, let’s do this.



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