The month of August is the most anticipated month for every PascualLab family member as we are celebrating the company’s anniversary.  We call it Passion Awards to give back to all the employees’ hard work throughout the years.  This is my third Passion Awards here in Pascual Laboratories, and I can confidently say that it gets better every year 🙂

This year’s theme is Enchanted Gardens / An Enchanting Experience (see Passion Awards 2016 here).  I didn’t have a camera this year (huhu!) and my iphone died on me sooo these are random pictures from my other phone and from other people as well.  I apologize for the quality of pictures in advance!

Told you, it gets better every year 😉 Ian Veneracion is one of PascualLab’s brand ambassadors (Ascof) and luckily, he celebrated this event with us.  Not only he is sOoOoOo good-looking in person, but he’s actually really nice, too! I was surprised he stayed until the end of the event.

And wow, I can’t even begin re: fanservice, hahaha.  He took pictures with us (look at his hand around me omg and he’s so tall to think I’m wearing heels already!!!), talked to us like we’re his friends, and he even had a special song number.  Everyone got so kilig, I’m telling you 😛 It’s too cute to watch especially the bosses having such a good time.

We also had an opportunity to have a mini-photoshoot outside.  Huhuhu, A++ lighting!!! I love all the pictures! 🙂

Btw, I had my hair dyed a shade lighter again~ I think it goes well with the dress? 🙂 It’s a formal event and I wore a maxi dress (which I bought two days ago, lol), and Maan wore my jumpsuit (HAHAHA), so that makes us really pasaway buuuut I think we still look good despite not wearing frilly gowns 😉

I love this! This one with Sir Rodney screams Pre-Nup while the other picture with Sir Fred looks very Prom-ish.  Haha.

I’m still bitter that I didn’t bring any decent camera with me (not that I didn’t , but I have no camera + Marvin and I were not in good terms but that’s another story…) so the pictures turned out like this 🙁 Oh well.

Anyway, we prepared two special numbers: one for Kuya Butch who celebrated his 20th anniversary with PascualLab and Ma’am Janet, who was the only 25-year Service Awardee.  We sang Ikaw Ang Aking Mahal for Kuya Butch and Afraid for Love to Fade for Ma’am Janet 🙂

Ate Du and I were supposed to sing a duet here but I was sitting and she’s standing beside me and we only have one microphone.  Soooo it looked like I sang solo.  Good thing I couldn’t see anything when I was on stage because of the lights and I could barely hear anyone as well.  Afterwards my friends kept teasing me about it, and they told me that I *can* sing but I was too shy, they thought I’d pass out.  HAHAHAHA, that’s a pretty accurate description.  Sadly, no one took a video 🙁

I enjoyed all the special performances as usual 🙂 If there’s anything I didn’t like, it’s definitely the food.  Maybe I dislike hotel food overall. LOL.

Anyway, here are some of the pictures after the event!

With my SCM family 🙂

With Sir Jappy, PascualLab President, and his gorgeous wife, Ms. Lyn Ching!

With Mumshie Viela 🙂

Haha, I felt so out of place but this is their lunch group and  I shouldn’t even be here, haha.  But they always made me feel welcome! Since summer, I always eat merienda with Maan and Sir Rodney anyway, so I guess it’s fine if I join them in a group photo.  Haha.  I was a bit hesitant at first but they asked me to join so I did 🙂

With some of my favorites– Dan, Jham, Mhye, and RR! We’re almost the same age and I love them.  And they (IT team including Vannessa– not in pictures because she was too busy!) were my lunch buddies for a few months now 😀

Overall, it was indeed a fun and enchanting afternoon.  Looking forward to celebrate more events like these with all Ka-Pascuallab family members ❤︎







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