I’m actually running out of blog titles whenever my college friends and I get together, especially since it’s usually a sleepover and we go to several places, too.

August 27, 2017

6:30 PM : After having dinner with my family, Dex and I met at Trinoma and we asked Papa to drop us at Nikki’s condo.  We arrived before 7PM and decided to buy bread (which were on sale yayy! We love bread!).  Originally, our plan was to stay at Starbucks but since we already ate (and we’re cheapskates, tbh), we ended up at 7-11 instead. LOL.

8:00 PM : Nikki came so we went upstairs to her condo unit 🙂

9:30 PM : Alex came as well.

10:30 PM : Cherith finally arrived! Woot woot! Movie time! Hahaha.  But knowing Cherith, she’d probably be the first one to sleep.  We’re correct, of course.  Ten minutes into The Girl with All the Gifts and she was already sleeping soundly.  A few minutes later, Nikki was sleeping too.  So it’s just us– Alex, Dex, and I– as usual– who finished the movie.  Funny how comfortable we all were in our own “beds”.  Thanks, Nikki 🙂

August 28, 2017

8:00 AM : We woke up pretty early (usually we sleep until noon and just order McDonald’s for breakfast, haha) and we all wanted to eat out.  They were craving for tapsilog and I was craving for pancakes.  We got out of bed and headed out in our pambahay outfits 😉

9:00 AM : Ate breakfast at Kanto Freestyle Morato but we had a mini photoshoot first.  Heee.  Magandang umaga!

Very millenial Titos and Titas! Btw, we saw Sue Ramirez but we were too shy to ask for photos. Haha! So pretty and slim in person! *_*

9:30 AM : We were finally able to eat, sulit naman! Dex and I ordered the same bacon-eggs-pancakes combo, Alex ordered cornsilog, Cherith and Nikki ordered tapsilog and these pancake samplers.

10:30 AM : We were supposed to go swimming already but when we reached the condo unit, we all felt lazy and watched another movie instead.  Haha! They watched The Visit (which I’ve already watched with Marvin before) while I go on twitter. LOL.  Oh and we made a video greeting for Tita Auggie’s birthday! 🙂

1:00 PM : Adrian and Lance came to join us! We already had our swimsuits on when the condo staff told us we couldn’t swim because it’s a holiday and it has to be reserved beforehand 🙁 We were frustrated because we really wanted to swim so we tried to look for nearby resorts.  Good thing Cherith called her condo unit and asked if we can swim there and they agreed!

2:00 PM : Since there were now seven of us, we couldn’t fit into Cherith’s car.  Dex had to sit in the compartment part of the car.  Heeee. Sorry!

4:00 PM : It was late in the afternoon so we didn’t have to be under the sun for a long time, haha.  To think I was panicking because I forgot to bring sunblock.  The sun hates me, okay?  At least natuloy rin! Alex didn’t swim because he’s always such a killjoy mwahehe.

I couldn’t, for the life of me, open my eyes under water so I always end up ruining the pictures, huhu! So I just took photos of everyone. Heehee.

I should have brought a cuter swimsuit too, but I’m shy. HAHAHA. Next time, next time.  We were actually planning to go to Siargao sooo I hope it will push through next year!

6:00 PM : I was in a hurry to go home since I had to go to Bulacan for Tita Auggie’s birthday dinner.  But we all went home together, LOL.  We ate at Mcdonald’s soon after.

People keep mentioning how light my hair is but it was only until I saw these pictures that I actually agreed.

A very rare selfie with Alex 😉

This is one of my favorite pictures, hahaha.  Just shows how we are so into updating our social media accounts (ig stories most especially!) and Alex is just there, lost and confused by all the cameras HAHAHA

I’ve never had any dull moments with these people, not even once, for so many years now.  And I hope it stays that way until we grow old.  I told them earlier that lately, I don’t think I’ve ever went outside without makeup on because I always want to look at least presentable when I face other people.  But with them, I can be myself, without makeup and in my pambahay, without getting judged and feeling insecure.  We have always been like this since college and years later, I appreciate how much it meant more to me now that we’re a liiiitle bit older 🙂

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