July 07, 2017
MOA Arena 

Sooo, how many times will I get to see BTOB in a year? LOL.  I get that they were trying to compensate with what happened to the fanmeet and I’m not complaining at all.  It’s just that…. I wish we get a solocon soon, because unlike others, I’m not really multi-fandom when it comes to KPop.

I’m still glad that I get to discover other artists through joint concerts, tho! As usual, detailed post over here. 🙂

We were lucky we got SVIP tickets for a really, really cheap price 😛 The traffic was so bad (ugh I hate our uber driver) and we were hungry so we ate dinner with Leo first.  LOL we were so chill because either we were not as excited or we are just really old.  HAHAHA.

As soon as we arrive, the lights went off and the concert started 😛 We didn’t bother to go near the stage because it was so crowded.  We stood infront of the sound system people instead so we can see the artists better.  Sadly, bouncers were all over this area and we couldn’t bring out our camera, hence, the really LQ photos 🙁

Me jamming to everyone using my BTOB light stick.  I’m super excited to see B1A4 again! I downloaded a few VIXX songs and I like most of them as well.  Plus, I was looking forward to seeing N and I was surprised that he looks so much like Sungjae in person! Even Marvin agreed O_O

Since this is my personal blog, I’ll be honest and say this once and for all… I was disappointed with Sungjae 🙁 I mean, BTOB sang It’s Okay, my favorite song ever and my eyes and ears were blessed, haha.  But… the only reason why I paid for SVIP tickets was to see Sungjae up close.  It’s not that I didn’t care about the other BTOB members but Sungjae is my bias and since I was so far when I saw him for the first time, of course I wanted to be closer to him this time around.

I understand that we all have bad days and maybe they were too tired because they just arrived a few hours before the concert and will leave as soon as it ended but I wish he just at least smiled more?  Maybe I’m not the biggest Sungjae stan but I’ve loved him since 2015 and I should know by now that he acts differently when he’s around the members, in front of the cameras, and infront of other people.  But that time, he felt so disconnected from everyone.  Maybe he’s not feeling well, or maybe he just didn’t want to care.  Everyone else is a sweetheart (ISTG Eunkwang looked a hundred times better in person I’m S H O O K T) and gave out so much fanservice.  Sungjae seemed sad and lost.

I’m not sure if I’m mad or sad.  More on sad, I guess.

I still love him and will support BTOB of course, but I realize I’m very sensitive when it comes to my favorites.  Oh well.  I’m still hoping for that solo concert and fanmeet in the near future.

Anyway, this is me taking a picture and a video of BTOB’s light stick 😉

I’ll make sure I interact with Melodies in future BTOB events!

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