Hello! It’s been half a year and I’m not even half-finished blogging my Taiwan trip.  Heck, I don’t even write about it because all I do is post photos but I get so lazy sometimes or I tend to write about other stuff and forget all my drafts.

So we are now on Day 2! Like my first day post, I didn’t post our faces because it’s all over facebook and instagram anyway.  LOL.  I used Marvin’s Panasonic Lumix GF6, 20mm lens for the pictures (which are all raw, btw).

Shameless fangirling. Hi there, love!

We were not that prepared for the commute because there were too many transfers and our train stopped mid-way because it had to be repaired.  The train conductor even had to wake me up because I was sleeping heavily.  We thought we were still an hour away! Haha. After getting lost a bit, we finally arrived.

We can’t get on another train yet because it arrives every hour and there were a lot of passengers on the platform.  We ate our lunch in a nearby store while waiting 🙂

I don’t think we’ve ever eaten rice without these on top XD

Our first stop: Shifen Old Streets. Last year, Jane and I were not able to go to Shifen for the Sky Lanterns.  We’ve always wanted to, especially since we both loved the movie You are the Apple of My Eye (watch it if you haven’t!!!).  So for this year, we made sure that it’s part of our trip.

Yakult Shake

A bit disappointed we didn’t try these!


There were many people all over the place BUT trains still pass through the railways! There were guards who warn people / give signals when a train is close by.

Obligatory shoe shot

We decided to purchase just one lantern, but we chose the multi-colored one.  Each color represents a different wish– red for peace and health, yellow for money, blue for career, white for a bright future, and pink for joy.  I wrote love (heee), good health (I always get sick!), money (in dollars, because why not), travel opportunities, and a new career.  Hahaha so embarrassing.

I really, really hope mine, Jane, and Ate Ellaine’s wishes will come true one day 😀

We were greeted by this kitty shop in Jiu Fen We were able to visit Jiu Fen last year but unfortunately, the shops were already closed since we arrived late and it was raining.  This year, we arrived just before sunset so we got to watch the fireworks!

Also, I got so sick last year (sorry, Jane!) because I have terrible motion sickness 🙁 I was scared it might happen again, so I took my meds with me.  And because we were tired already, we decided to ride a taxi from the nearest train station.  I closed my eyes during the ride because I remembered how the roads were when we got on the bus last year (I threw up, yuck).  This time, I haven’t even closed my eyes for long and we were already there! Haha, not complaining at all. So… I suggest you rent a van or a taxi next time when you go to Jiu Fen if you have motion sickness like me.  LOL.  It sucks when you’re sick because you can’t enjoy the place and can’t eat all the food! The bus going there is also a factor since it’s super fast and extra shaky especially if there are only a few people inside.

I will never get tired of Jiu Fen lanterns.  They are just so pretty ❤︎ Especially since it’s Chinese New Year!

We realized we were really hungry so we stopped for a while and ate red bean buns.  Ahh, I love it! It’s like siopao but better because I remove siopao fillings, lol.  This one, I love.  And the Red Bean Bun Boys are cute, reminds me of the Takoyaki Boys last year!

Aww, he smiled for the camera! The other one’s a bit snob but cuter in person 😛

There were a lot of people so it got too hot.  It’s the first time I took off my jacket! I’m just wearing a casual dress but it’s still so hot, eeep.

Pretty! She looks like one of my friends, heee.

The Jiu Fen Tea House is still as beautiful as ever

Hohoho, these are everywhere!

We also played dress-up and tried several Chinese costumes! Heeee.  I even styled my hair in Chun-Li buns just because :))

Jiu Fen old street closes early so we waited for the bus back to Taipei Main around 8pm.  The seats were full so we had to stand.  We met a lovely Taiwanese (?) auntie in a red coat with an American (?) husband when we were about to go out of the bus.  We were supposed to go straight home but she told us to go to Raohe St. Night Market first since it’s just a few blocks away.  It wasn’t difficult to find since there were lights everywhere! We thanked the lady and they told us they were from California but went back to Taiwan for a visit 🙂


Love these! Huhu

I only bought a bubble jacket (from NET aka our fave store in Taipei lol) and Jane and Ate Ellaine bought some pasalubong.  We haven’t eaten dinner yet so good thing so many food stalls are around and we wanted to try them all!


This is our favorite! Ate way too many of these beef and pork cubes

Pepper Bun?

We ate a lot and drank more milk tea (what do you expect in the land of Milk Tea, lol.  Each cup is only around Php 50-60 each!) and tried more stuff.  It was a long day and we have more places to go to the next day.

Me, a stalker

My Kitty Bonnet haha so mature

So… wait for my next post? 🙂 I hope I’ll get to finish this before I go to Korea this year, haha!

Day 2 Itinerary : Shifen | Jiu Fen Old Street | Raohe Night Market

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  1. Love how vibrant your photos are.

    When you were at Shifen, did you have a hard time figuring out what to wish for? Also, did you venture much further in from the main entrance? I don’t remember seeing a lot of what I saw in your photos. Either way, will have to go back.

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