So this is a year late but I’m trying to document all my recent travels and put them here.  I am no travel guide but I hope that through my posts, you’ll find out a thing or two about the places I’ve been to.  Or if it at least makes you curious about the place, then that’s fine as well 🙂

We went to Bicol last May 2016 since Papa had to work there.  We traveled for sixteen long hours so imagine how tired we were when we arrived.  Sadly, the whole day was spent for travelling alone, so we only got to enjoy Bicol the day after.

It would be a waste to just stay inside the hotel so we immediately look for places to go to.  We didn’t have an itinerary because it was a spontaneous trip– we were only left with Papa’s driver and a map from the hotel.  Haha! We asked them what is the nearest tourist spot so we ended up in Cagsawa Ruins.

We were greeted by enthusiastic tour guides offering ATV packages.  We had nothing planned so my brother, Kuya Edward, and I went with the first guy who offered us ATV rides.

Mommy cannot drive due to the extreme heat from the sun (she often gets migraines and her skin is hypersensitive).  As for me, I was just scared of driving in general.  We rented out only two ATVs– one for Kuya Edward and one for me and my brother.  Nikko drove it of course, with the tour guide ahead of us.

Me: Kuya, dito po ba nagpunta si Zac Efron?
Kuya: Naku Ma’am, hindi po. Kita niyo po yung tuktok? Dun po sila, buwis-buhay, puro bangin.
Me: Okay na kami dito Kuya, thanks. *nervous laugh*

I immediately regretted not driving the ATV because it looks SOOOO FUN.  Sure there were pretty difficult roads but the tour guides were there to well, guide you 😛 They will even help you if you can’t drive through those rough trails.  The tour guides were also the ones taking photos and videos of us so everything was hassle-free.  Some of our poses were also suggested by them, I love it 🙂

Check out some sample clips of our ATV Ride!

We only rode until the first stop.  Going further meant rockier roads and the heat was unbearable because it was around noon time already!  But if you’re as adventurous as Zac Efron, then by all means, go! 🙂

Mount Mayon wasn’t visible THE WHOLE TIME.  It kept hiding behind the clouds 🙁


Me, a poser

Afterwards, we got a certificate saying that we “conquered” Mayon Volcano. I did nothing, but okay, sure.  Of course I took it, haha! 😛

Feel na feel wala naman ginawa.

Who knows when we will be back to Bicol again but I’d drive my own ATV by then, for sure!

You may contact the ATV team on facebook:

Bicolandia ATV
Daraga, Albay

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