My cousin celebrated her 7th birthday party at the Pascuallab Manufacturing Plant aka my workplace (I’m Eton-Centris based but I’ll be reporting here in our plant until the end of March).  It’s a pool party and one of our benefits includes the use of the company’s pool as venue for events.

After the party, we had nothing to do so I asked my younger brother if he wants to walk around.  I was supposed to give him a mini plant tour but we ended up having a *photo shoot* instead 😛 So many brick walls perfect for instagram, hoho!  I’m using Marvin’s camera, AGAIN.  Gaaah.  I want to buy one too but I don’t have money (yet? THINK POSITIVE!). Tsk.  Anyway, here are the photos! Buti uto-uto kapatid ko eh no? Me, on the other hand, didn’t know how to pose at all, thus, the awkward shots.

Haha, I chose the most random places to shoot.

Nope I don’t understand this concept either 😛

The dress was from my Aunt, I love it! And my favorite Rags2Riches Buslo Mini 

Definitely not my best angle T_T

“Sandal ka sa wall tas bukaka ka ng onti! Ganyan mga nakaka-100k likes sa instagram!”

Excellent Work, Excellent Life: Our company’s motto.

This photoshoot session lasted for less than 30 mins because the camera had no battery left, huhu.  I did enjoy this quite a lot! It makes me think how nice it is to take photographs for a living.  I may not have the talent yet but I love taking photos so if I practice enough, I know the quality of my pictures will be much better.  By then, will see if I can turn this hobby into something profitable? Not sure if I can do that but well, a girl can dream 🙂

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