March 17, 2017
Hwaroro Korean Grill Buffet & Restaurant
1103, 76 Sct. Tobias St, Diliman, Quezon City, Metro Manila

Nope I’m not here to talk about the food, but the traditional costumes we got to wear when we had dinner at Hwaroro Korean Grill last Friday night! I’ve been really frustrated lately looking for *cheap* plane tickets to Korea because I wasn’t able to get any.  I talk about it non-stop for a while now, how much I would love to go to Korea this year hopefully during Autumn *crosses fingers*

I was supposed to go with my officemates but something came up and I ended up in the same restaurant, but with my college friends this time.  We went there around 10 in the evening and stayed until 12.  Alexander took most of the pictures because well, we didn’t want to force him to wear the traditional Korean costumes anyway, haha.  All four of us were very much willing tho.


Some behind-the-scene photos: 

Was it worth it?  Maybe. Alex and I didn’t eat much, maybe because we had snacks before dinner while waiting for the three of them to arrive, huhu (we almost finished Barbie and Kitchie’s concert! LOL).  But I guess if you’re a big fan of meat, then Php 399 per person is sulit already 🙂

7 thoughts on “Hwaroro Korean Grill Restaurant”

  1. Is the 399 for unlimited meat already? If yes, that’s already affordable! And I love how they got hanboks. Made me miss Korea. I’m looking for cheap flights again and I’m planning to bring my mom with me this time. <3

    1. The food isn’t as good as I expected, but it’s relatively cheap so it doesn’t hurt to try! 😛 And yup, the costumes are pretty cool if you’re into dressing up, heee.

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